If deer population gets too high in an area, should the hunting season be extended?

Asked by: WhalesWithWings
  • Its bad to have an over population

    The food supply would run low and many of the deer would die due to not having food are enough supply's so the meat will be wasted. IF over population happens there will be to many deer so deer will travel to places they aren't supposed to be and will cause many problems.

  • Hunting season is tied to population

    In an area with low population, more time is required for the population to rise, and the supply is actually low. But if population grows more, why have a short hunting season? The population of ducks or rabbits or deer influences how many of those animals are caught, so if you figure that .60p of all deer in a given territory are caught, that works out to a .40p/b birth rate, depending on available food sources, if you multiply .60 by, say, 20,000/7,000, then you have to find a way to cut deer hunting by 68%, which is bad. But if the figure is 20,000/23,000 then you can allow hunting until the figure is back to 20,000/20,000, meaning the replacement rate is 1. Living in southern Texas, one needs to realize these things.

  • Deers are living beings too

    Lets say humans were hunted by deer and we were over populated in an area. Should they extend the hunting season on us or should they keep it the same? Think about that one and tell me you would extend the hunting season you heartless blood crazing people they and we are all living minding our own business keep it that way

  • The season stands

    On a certain date for each state the hunting season ends on the date its supposed to. Besides during the season it will drop because of the hunters that are in the woods. Hunting deer is a very hard but fun way to hunt. Deer hunting help you improve on your sniper skills, your patience, and much more but its not about that. Back long before I was alive my dad told me that there was a time where there was no season on deer and deer almost became extinct at one time. When I heard him tell this true story to me I knew that us hunters were lucky for having deer hunting banned until the population rose and had a season for deer put in place. I know that many people want to just sit around reading peoples opinions on this topic but I'm glad that you took time out of your day or night to read my opinion on hunting. Thanks very much.

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