If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had lived longer, do you think he would have eventually worked more closely with Malcolm X?

  • MLK Would Have Worked Closely with Malcom X

    Had he lived longer, Dr. Martin Luther King would have developed a brotherhood with Malcolm X to combine forces for the sake of unity. However different their views may have seemed, they shared the vision of equal rights and uplifting the station of African Americans in the United States and around the world.

  • Had Dr. King lived longer he would have eventually done some work with Malcolm X.

    Even though Malcolm X subscribed to a Machiavellian methodology and Dr. King a civil disobedience methodology, had Dr. King lived I believe that over time both men's styles would have morphed and changed to the point they would have begun to work with each other for social change and justice.

  • Why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have collaberated with Malcolm X

    If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had not been assassinated at such a young age, I really do feel that he would have worked a lot more closely with Malcolm X. They both fought for the same equality, and were both non-violent protestors. Together, they would have fought against segregation.

  • no, they had different philosophies

    martin luther king jr was about peaceful protests. malcolm x was much more militant. mlk and malcom would not have worked together because they wouldn't see eye to eye about tactics on how to win. even if martin luther king had lived longer, with macolm x's way of seeing the civil rights act, he would have been killed before king.

  • No, the Dr. Sought unity.

    Dr. Matrin Luther King was digusted with the acts of violence that Malcolm X condonded. The Dr. Wanted peace and unity and realized and spoke about how acts of violence only led to more violence. No peace is possible unless you are willing to lay down your arms.
    Dr. King did not seek to focus on differences, but rather to unite around our similarities.

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