If (emphasis on if) life is predetermined, would death become such a trivial thing that it becomes meaningless?

Asked by: PetersSmith
  • Not sure where to answer this but,

    First off, everything is predetermined. All the wheels set in motion long before man first walked the earth. Example: Obviously, if you had not asked this question, I would not be answering it right now. Had I signed on at a different time, I may not have even seen this question. Traveling back, if something had not inspired you to ask, you would not have and if I had taken a different amount of time checking my e-mail, I would have signed on at a different time. This can keep going back further and further but seeing that all the things that caused me to answer this question already happened guaranteed I would be answering this very question at this very moment. The same is true for all future events. The things that happened in the past present and the future up until the even guaranteed those events would happen also. For some people, their lives exist like clockwork. Each day is almost indistinguishable from the day before or after. Unless you have one of those lives though, you probably will have unexpected or new things happen each day. Sometimes, it is the last thing you expect to happen. It is this range of things that most people deal with on a daily basis with little that can be predicted even though it has all been guaranteed to happen.
    The manner in which you die may or may not be trivial. That all depends on how you lived your life and how you died. Example: Abraham Lincoln's death was far from trivial. Joe Johnson from Greenville, Kansas who die alone in bed with no loved ones and worked as Tax Auditor on the other hand, nobody would notice he was even here much less died. Even the people sent to pick up the body would not care.
    For the individual though, death is meaningless for the most part. Life is what has meaning not death.

  • Does death matter to the universe...?

    Existence is subjective. We care about our existence, generally speaking. So the fact that we experience it, and it is our end, justified or not we still have a hard time with it.

    If you knew it was going to hurt when you tore the Band-Aid off, would it hurt so much less as to be insignificant? No. Because we still experience the pain of it, whether we know it is going to happen or not.

    Aside from this, death itself, while not predetermined, is inevitable. Does anyone (other than overconfident teenagers in a rebel without a cause sort of way) walk around thinking they will never die?

  • Two Reasons Death Matters

    1. Death would still have meaning because it would be the end of something that causes the experiences you have today. The meaning of life from this point of view is that it marks the end of a period of existence for your being alive. You would no longer exist in the same fashion as you do now.

    2. It would still be important because it is what you as a living being are trying to avoid. We try to avoid and postpone death as long as possible. Life is the struggle to not die. It is more than that, but that is its most fundamental feature, without death life would not have the same meaning as it does.

    Death is important because it marks the end of the period we call life and because it is the driving force behind life.

  • If you had a map telling you where your trip ends, does it

    Make the getting there any less enjoyable?

    It's the journey - not the fact that the destination is predetermined - which makes the trip exciting, fun, and worthwhile. Life is a road trip. It isn't the destination that matters - it's who you make it with and the shared experiences getting there that matters...

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