If everybody is imperfect then how imperfect must you be before you deserve punishment? Yes if we all deserve punishment.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Id say if we have free will then we all deserve punishment if we all are infact imperfect.

    Objective right and wrong is all about fairness. So if you have hurt someone you deserve punishment because if you go unpunished then thats unfair to your victims. But very rarely do people punish themselves or turn themselves over to the authorities to be punished when they have done wrong. But people seem to think that a little wrong is ok and somewhere between a little wrong and a lot of wrong there is a fine line dividing us into two groups of good and bad people. Its ridiculous. If i deserve life in prison for murder then you deserve a little punishment for your petty crimes. But at the same time this opinion is based on the belief that we have free will which i dont believe. If nobody is perfect then we clearly dont have the ability to be perfect in which case no one deserves punishment and our imperfections are gods fault. It has always bugged me that there are two places in the bible for all of us. Hell and heaven which are two opposites. There is no mention of punishment for the saved. So all they had to do was say a few words to end up getting the charges dropped but others who are better then a lot of them will burn in hell just because they refuse to draw their moralities from a book that only comes with ten commandments with no specifications or exceptions for those ten rules. Lol a kid with a box of crayons could have done a better job at building a morality than the idiots who wrote the bible. Thou shalt not kill? In which cases because if someone is trying to kill me you would say i have the right to kill them. But the bible says not to kill. Its very black and white on it and offers no explanation for the black and white rule. If we are supposed to figure out the exceptions with our common sense then we should know the rule by common sense as the exceptions are harder to come up with than the rule. The only good parts of the bible are common sense. But i think that anyone who does wrong deserves punishment if they have free will. Its stupid to punish others for big wrongs while you commit little wrongs all the time and never punish yourself. If you dont deserve to punished a little for a little wrong then others dont deserve to punished a lot for a lot of wrongs. The inevitable though is all too often punished. We know we are not perfect and somes minds are more imperfect than those of others so maybe its the physical brain that determines how wrong we will be. That is the only logical explanation for the differences in our righteousness.

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