If everyone is allow to own a gun, would you get one?

Asked by: kack
  • Yes it should stay legal

    I know as a gun owner that owning a gun is great for many reason.
    First people that hunt. Some people that live too far away from town to buy meat all the time go hunting to put food on the table. Two what if someone with a gun comes into your house and they are trying to kill you? You have the right by law and shoot to injure but if they start shooting at you again you have the right to shoot to kill only if they shoot at you. My third reason is with Obama in office and letting all these Muslims in the country, what would happen if he let the leader of ISIS in and we don't know it and he start send out messages out to his people? Some how they took over the country. We need some way to protect yourself from them. The military cant make it to everyone's house in time. So they have guns we need guns.

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