If everyone wore full-body covering, or looked identical, would we communicate and treat each other better?

Asked by: abyteofbrain
  • We would ignore looks.

    Looks are the majority of how we initially perceive someone. There's never a second chance to make a first impression. If our first impression is unassociated to looks, we would observe their true character more carefully. Looks are a good judge of some personality traits, but they occasionally betray our judgement. If looks was not a factor, then we would sharpen our other character judgement techniques, which are usually more accurate.

  • The internet disproves you.

    The internet, the bastion of anonymity, is also one of the cruelest forums of discussion. As empirical evidence shows, people on internet chatrooms and message boards, devoid of physical representation and voice analysis, finds new ways to critique people. These include, but are not limited to: spelling, knowledge of the topic at hand, alleged sexual preference, knowledge of pop culture references, knowledge of obscure game references etc.

  • Sameness is not right

    No, if everyone was the same how could we make friends or find people we want to spend the rest of our lives with. People just need to except that every one is different, unique, and have their own personalities. Without differences, we might as well be brick buildings! When the 13 colonies were becoming more populated, we became known as the "melting pot", meaning we have a lot of different people, from different cultures or have ancestries from different places and that was okay. In today's world people are too mean, spiteful, and rude to people they know anything about. People should take time to get to know others, BEFORE they JUDGE!!!!!

    Posted by: fru
  • Diversity is the key to our success as the human race

    If everyone looked the same it would be too easy to treat everyone like they are just a number. Full body armor is fine but full body covering needs to be explained better. I don't think the way you look has an impact on how well you communicate. Unless you're so fat that the blubber under your chin prevents your jaw from moving up and down.

  • Attitudes and Work Ethic

    If every one wore full body covering, and looked the same, we would still argue with each other based on different attitudes, philosophy, politics, and religion. The idea that people would treat other better is the premise for school uniforms, but in many case, the uniforms only lead to more clique behavior.

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