If everything happens for gods reasons then he is in control of everything and we have no free will.

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  • Ahaha, yes! Well thought!

    I am a Christian, and I believe this with utmost faith! All that happens is according to God's will; EVERYTHING. We have no free will and have no part in our salvation. It cannot be, otherwise we are the god of our salvation and have done nothing. The opinion is indeed irrefutable.

    Allow this view: there is a doctrine that is hated by modern evangelicals, and not really ever thought of when the definition of Christianity is brought up. It is the doctrine of election. In this case, Double Election. It is this: God has elected some unto salvation and others to damnation before the beginning of the world. Ephesians 1 very simply states that those are predestined by God in Christ, can only be in Christ. If you need further, read Romans 9. The whole book, preferably is best, but ch. 9 is a good summary. This leaves the standpoint that those not in Christ are not predestined in Him, and are, in fact, elected unto damnation. This is something that so, so many people miss. If you Atheists want to attack the modern day Christian and do a good job, this is something you ought to know. Otherwise look into Reformed, and/or Systematic theology, you don't know how much you are missing.

  • The fact that this is controversial proves that believers are too stupid to actually know anything when it comes to philosophy and religion.

    If everything happens for gods reasons then everything happens according to gods plan. If not then we coincidentally happen to do every single thing god wants us to even though we do trillions of things in our life time and for everything we do we could have done trilliions of other things instead. So what are the chances of that happening? If we have free will then things happen for our reasons and not gods reasons. The saying everything happens for a reason as its meant by christians would tell me i can do whatever i want and its ok because god planned for it to happen for the greater good. Christians also say all things work towards the good of those who love god. So i guess i can rape a christian and i havent done anything wrong because its good for them and necessary to gods plan. I bet none of the people who answer no can refute this opinion because its irrefutable. Anyone who thinks can see that

  • Everything according to Gods plan right?

    Every Christian I have ever talked to has said that "Everything goes according to Gods plan," That the reasons messed up things happen is so that God's plan can be realized.

    "I believe God wants me to take this job," "God wants me to be with him, he's God's match for me," etc. If all this is true then there is no free will.

    If you put an invisible sugary substance on a table in a circle, and placed ants on that table they would probably move in a circle, following that invisible sugar. Are the ants acting on free will? Or following my invisible path for them?

    This is how I see free will in relation to god (who I don't believe exist). We have no free will, we are only following invisible paths god supposedly left for us.

    If god is real, if everything goes according to his plan, there is no way we could have free will because then there would be a chance that gods plan might not happen. Making him not omniscient.

  • Everything doesn't happen for a reason.

    God does have a plan, he wishes for this plan to be followed, but because he has allowed us to have free will, we have the ability and choice to follow this plan. God may have a reason for someone to get murdered, but it is possible that someone has been murdered simply because a stupid decision that God did not wish for.

  • Religion is an excuse

    I don't believe in a "God", but I do think that there is a higher power. I think "God" was created as an excuse for adults. I also believe in an afterlife: permanent lucid dreaming. If you've done bad things doing your lifetime, them ok, you don't get one. Religion is just another thing for people to argue about. I fully believe that Jesus and his parents existed, but "God" created the universe? That literally makes NO sense. I do believe he sacrificed himself, but I don't think that he lives in the sky and decides whether we're good or not. Thinking that drops down your IQ level. He couldn't create Earth if he was born on it! It's just that simple! I am an evolutionist and believe in the Big Bang Theory, not a man that lives in the sky. There is just NO LOGIC in the entire belief, along with "Adam and Eve".

  • Not if God "rolls dice"

    You could have an all-powerful God who sets things in place in certain ways for his own reason, but he might still have a reason not to set everything, somethings he may leave to chance and so allow free will. Just because you are all-powerful doesn't mean you have to use it to determine everything specifically.

    He could also be all-seeing or rather have the capacity to see everything but decide not to look at certain things.

    Why? Could even be as simple as wanting to be surprised. It could get very boring being able to control everything and knowing exactly what is going to happen.

  • I Thoroughly disagree.

    If you believe this, it's like believing in the Sims. Also, If God is in control of people’s free will, surely he is in control of our beliefs, so why is it that many others and I believe in no God? Or different Gods? Also, if you happen to believe Adam and Eve were the first people on earth (Which is a silly idea by itself), why would Eve eat the apple that gives you the ability to know what's good and bad (Which is silly because nothing is black and white) if God didn't want her to? Wouldn't that be free will? In which, case God must not control our free will. In addition, Eve shouldn't be blamed for eating the apple, which is apparently evil, because she couldn’t distinguish between good and evil because she hadn’t eaten the apple yet. The whole Holy Bible is a loop hole itself! I find it hard to believe that more than half the population believes in it, or any religion, and they ignore all the evidence that there is no God, for instance; a looooooooong time ago people believed that women were evil because Eve ate the apple etc. and then burned them for being witches! They also thought the planet was flat and when scientists figured out OH MY GOD!! The earth is ROUND! The religious leaders went all oh... Yeah I guess it is...So in my opinion if you believe this, you're basically living in the past. Sure, it was a good idea back when the government was trying to civilize and control people and make them feel happy, but it's just plain sad that some people believe in a possessed talking snake, a magical place in the clouds where you're whatever age you want and etc. Anyway, in conclusion, I'm going to THOROUGHLY disagree with this.

  • Free will is our will to proceed with God.

    Personally, I do believe in God- there is too much coincidences in life for me to support a life without meaning. I believe we were given the free will to expand our knowledge by coming to dimensions of worlds with imperfection and chaos so that we can- through our thoughts, actions and decisions become better souls. We complete multiple lives just the same as it can take multiple tries to learn to ride a bike. We plan our lives through charts before we come here so that, just like going into battle- we have a strategic plan of attack to ensure we have the greatest advantage of winning. There is no hell (a perfect God does not have petty tendencies like jealousy, anger or cruelty- those are human emotions) nor are there demons or "fallen angels." There are "dark souls"- basically those who turn away from God who are selfish, greedy and only care about themselves- they are violent and enjoy seeing others hurt. These people are destined to continue to go back into life without choice and never to return back "home" to perfection even between lives (whether you want to call it Heaven, Nirvana or Valhalla.) Our "battle" here is to be the best we can- do good, take care of this world and be loving towards each other and all living beings. Everything does happen for a reason, there is meaning and free will does exist as it is our will to decide whether we want to be good examples in life and ultimately a good soul, or bad examples and be forever trapped in a cycle of your own misdeeds and karma (dark souls). Karma is the fair-equalizer in life, sometimes you will experience karma right away other times it may be in another lifetime but it does come back to you. Life is fair- one lifetime you can be poor, another lifetime you can be rich. In the end- even if life simply is just a offshoot of existence and we simply fade away to real "death" (or if you choose to believe that), how do you want to leave your legacy of who you were? What have you done to make the world a better place? In the end goodness always reigns, always is logical and always creates better results- will you be on the winning side or the losing?

  • No prove of god

    I don't believe in god because there is no prove of his existence. Everything that has been created was created by science. It's not possible for a god. Everything doesn't happen for a reason because there are children in Africa starving and young children being abused all horrid things going on in the world. My conclusion is that god is not real all the creations on the earth were created by science because with science there is fact and prove but there is no prove of god and I don't mean to get personal but my life has been very tough and god has not helped on bit because he is not real, if god was real he just watched me suffer and had a horrible life.,. Did that happen for a reason ?? Did my unbearable life happen for a reason ... No it didn't so I would advice you to think again before you say everything happens for a reason because clearly things don't .

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