If gay marriage was legal worldwide, would it affect you?

  • This is against my convictions

    This is contrary to religion and morality.. Another argument against gay marriage is that it is seen as destroying the family. Some hold that the family is an immutable institution, but we have seen that the concept of the family is fluid, not static. Divorce used to be illegal in this country, now about half of marriages end in divorce. There are now surrogate mothers, same-sex parents, test-tube babies, sperm banks, and the list goes on.

  • It would determine society's attitude toward my future marriage, as well as society's attitude toward all marriages present, past, and future.

    The esteem and support traditionally had for marriage depends significantly on what we hold marriage to be. Not just any relationship can be a marriage, or else marriage would cease to have meaning. The reason that marriage has tax breaks, has a certain measure of dignity, etc. is because of the worth everyone recognizes the worth of marriage for primarily procreation and secondarily the bonding of two people (which flows from the procreative faculty; no possibility of sexual intercourse=no possibility of marriage). If two men can "marry" or two women can "marry," then "marriage" in our society becomes nothing more than "whatever rocks your boat." In other words, marriage would have no objective value but only subjective value. This affects my future marriage, since it will have nothing but subjective value in the eyes of society. I can see this already in the opinions of those on the "NO" side of this counter, who hold in so many words that marriage is whatever you want it to be (one big "meh!"). This is what so-called gay marriage will further, and this will impact me in innumerable ways, deleteriously.

  • If gay marriage were legal,it would dfinitely affect me.

    I have many friends that are gay and it would definitely affect me if gay marriage were legal.I would be able to see my friends benefit from all the legal privileges that are bestowed on couples that are married.Some of these include include visitation and insurance rights.There is no reason why gay couples can not have the same rights as heterosexual ones.

  • I would be affected if gay marriage was legal worldwide.

    I would be affected if gay marriage was legal worldwide. I think it would affect everyone because it would mean that this world has finally come to its senses and legalized something that should have been done a long time ago. I do not think unless you are the one getting married that anybody else getting married would affect you.

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  • Don't have one if you don't like it

    If you don't like gay marriage, then don't have one or don't be involved in one. So many people think something horrible will happen if gay marriage is legalized. Well I know for a fact that you won turn gay/lesbian if you see or hear about a gay marriage. Come on people.

  • Well, of course not.

    The saying goes, if you don't like gay marriage, then don't have one. If I married a woman right now, no one's going to die. If my friend married a guy, my house would not suddenly just explode. There is not way in hell gay marriage would affect me if I'm not involved

  • Not really, no

    If gay marriage were legal worldwide, it would not affect me personally because I am straight. I would never need to get married to another woman, so it basically makes no difference. But it would make a difference to many people and it would be better for human kind. Everybody deserves the right to marry who they want.

  • Gay Marriage Harms No One

    In reality, gay marriage doesn't harm anyone in any particular way. If gay marraige was legal worldwide, then that would be a great thing and a huge victory for equal rights. Another person's marriage won't affect you whether they're gay or straight. We shouldn't stop gays from getting married today.

  • No, I'm married already.

    No it would not affect me, because I am married already to someone of the opposite gender. This is not an issue that affects me or anyone that I know. It could indirectly affect me in that government-sponsored benefits could change, which might mean that I have to pay higher taxes, but really, it would not affect me much.

  • Everyone Has Equal Rights

    Gay marriage wouldn't affect me personally, but everyone deserves equal rights. Homosexuals have the right to be happy and get married just as much as heterosexuals. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet and there are 7 billion different ways to find happiness. Marriage for everyone should be one of those ways couples can be happy with each other when they are in love.

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