If gay marriage was legal worldwide, would you be affected?

Asked by: TheStruggles
  • It would set things in motion

    Gay marriage does not effect me directly, but it does other things to me. I don't care what acts you do in the privacy of your own home. Lets be honest we all do naughty things in our bedroom to some extent, but it never stays in the bedroom does it. Gay advertisement and media is already on the internet. If the marriage were allowed and the state becomes its official supporter then imagine what would happen? I'm making an educated guess that life would change. It's a revolution for gay people, not just for the marriages. Eventually more gay media will come out, and we have more than enough of that already. It'd be everywhere because it spreads like the plague. Also, it is a slippery slope towards other things.

  • My life would be irreversibly altered...

    ... Because it would mean that I could marry my partner, rather than just getting some useless piece of paper. I could show her the ultimate commitment, I could know that if I died, I wouldn't be leaving her with nothing. It would give me peace of mind and make me happier than I've ever been.

  • The civil rights movement is not over.

    Homosexuality is completely normal, and should be accepted by all societies. Banning gay marriage is just one of many ways that homosexuals are persecuted and harassed. If gay marriage were legal everywhere, it would be a sign that we're in a kinder, friendlier world. Therefore, it does affect me. It tells me what kind of world I live in. Currently it is a hateful, judgemental world.

  • My life would drastically change

    But not in a negative way. Legalising same-sex marriage would allow me to marry whomever I end up with, regardless of his/her gender. At this point, as a bisexual woman, I feel pressured to be with men because in my state I would be unable to marry a woman. Since I'm a teenager still, I am not looking for a life partner, but I know that unless something changes, I will only be able to marry a man (assuming I continue to live in this state). I don't know who I'll end up with, but by legalising gay marriage worldwide, I would know at least that I could get married regardless of my spouse's gender.

  • I would not.

    I would not be affected in anyway if gay marriage was made legal worldwide. Not only would I not be affected in the least bit, no one else would be affected by the legalization of gay marriage worldwide. People who are opposing it are just bigots and giving dumb excused.

  • I Don't See Why It Would

    I would just be extremely happy for gay couples.

    I don't even think this should be an issue. Let gay people get married! They aren't hurting anyone and if you don't like it, then just look away! No is forcing you to go to a gay wedding. Gay people are people just like us and they deserve the same rights as straight people have.

  • No. i would not be affected if gay marriage was legal worldwide.

    No. i would not be affected if gay marriage was legal worldwide, because I am not gay. It's makes no difference to me who other people choose to marry, it is none of my concern. I firmly believe people should b allowed to be with anyone they want, and they should not be judged for that.

  • If gay marriage was legal, it would not affect me

    If gay marriage was legal worldwide, it would have no impact on my or my family. Gay marriage is a right that should be observed worldwide and it is a choice that each one of us should be able to make without pressure. Gay marriage should be supported by all as we are all equal.

  • I Would Not Be Affected

    I would not be affected if gay marriage was legalized world wide. I identify as heterosexual and I have no issues with gay marriage at all. If anything, I think it is sad that we still have to have rights movements in the United States because we can't fix inequality when we find it.

  • If gay marriage was legal worldwide, most people would not be affected.

    Most people are not affected by gay marriage and they don't care if it becomes legal or not. Since most people are not gay, it does not affect them personally. A small number of people in the world who are gay are causing a disproportionate amount of media coverage of this issue.

  • It doesnt matter

    Why would someone care if 2 people of the same gender are happy or not? Its not affecting you in any way so let them be happy. How would you feel if you were them? I would hate it if people didnt like me just because I like the same gender.

  • How can i be?

    How can the private lives of others truly affect me? Will it take away my right to marriage? Not at all. It will be giving millions of people their right to happiness and legal status that I will have when I marry someone. The only affect it will have is on my wallet because I'll be gladly handing over money to attend my friends weddings.

  • I'm not gay, nor do I plan on marrying.

    Being someone who is not sexually attracted to other males, nor am I someone who wants to get married in my lifetime, the concept of gay marriage has absolutely zero effect on my life. Even my gay/bi friends don't want to get married, so even they don't care much for gay rights.

  • Not at all.

    Gay Marriage would not affect me. And I would not be against it even if it did. The ability to marry whomever we choose should be the right of all individuals regardless of sex, color, religion, background and so on and so forth. So I'm all for Gay marriage whether or not it affects me.

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