If girls are allowed to act, dress, etc. as boys, should we allow boys to act, dress, etc. like girls, especially in public, as well?

Asked by: KaileyFox
  • Freedom of expression

    Whilst I think that gender roles are certainly helpful in forming a relationship, I don't think that people should be bound to them. In reality, gender roles are not engraved within the cosmos or our dna molecule. Ultimately, they are fictitious fabric forged through societal and other factors. 50 words.

  • Yes and it's none of anyone's business

    Stunting growth is not helpful.

    I shall not spend my life wearing a whale bone corset because "that is what women are supposed to do". I shall not not-exercise because "women do not sweat".

    Stunting activity and style are just ways of sticking your nose where it does not belong and rude.

  • They definitely should be allowed

    Being a crossdressers myself, I feel confined within the walls of house and the only persons that know I do this r my sister and mother, I can't even tell my own Dad about this, let alone my other friends, this needs to change and as per me every person be it boy or girl should be allowed to enjoy the clothing of every kind irrespective of gender boundaries

  • Yes, but they won't.

    Of course if guys want to wear pink, dress up, and even express deep emotions, they definitely should be allowed to do so without ridicule. But, for the most part, it's not gonna happen. Women are considered second-class citizens in most countries, and America is no exception. Due to a sense of machismo that is shoved down every little boys throat, it is almost taboo for a guy to touch something that is even remotely feminine because it's seen as a "step down". This is why it's socially acceptable for women to wear pants and do other things that men do because it's seen as a "step up".

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GodChoosesLife says2014-01-22T04:13:36.560
I don't even agree with this opinion at all. I don't believe either should dress or act the opposite of themselves.
KaileyFox says2014-01-22T04:17:50.987
That's your choice. I was asking to see what the majority of people would say. Also, what do you mean by "act opposite of themselves?" How do you know they're not acting as themselves BY dressing, acting, etc. as the opposite gender?
GodChoosesLife says2014-01-22T04:21:00.080
Since your a Christian such as myself that should be a given.
KaileyFox says2014-01-22T04:31:42.517
Let me ask you a question: Do you think God would not accept his children acting, dressing, etc. as the opposite gender? Also, point to a verse in the Bible where it clearly states that women should be women and men should be men. I want you to keep in mind that a lot of the parts in the Bible where women acting like men is looked down upon is for cultural and historical reasons, such as, women were not allowed to speak in church. This was due to women having less education than men at the time, not because they were supposed to be submissive to male authority figures and couldn't have acted like men in those times. Here, I'll even provide evidence for you from the Bible about how women, in that time line, had acted like men: There were women priestesses and judges. At this time in history, they would have been acting like men because women were rarely seen as authority figures. With that, I'd also like to point out that the gender roles of men and women are mainly societal. Society changes throughout the ages. Do you believe this is a sin?