If girls believe they are strong enough, should the world let them live their dreams and be players?

  • Let Women Be Strong

    I believe women should have the right to be players in professional sports. I believe if these women are going to be allowed to play, however, they should have to meet every requirement that their counterparts do. There are some women on this planet that are just as strong as men, but they aren't as common.

  • Yes they should

    Not all girls are obsessed with make up and shopping. Plus they need physical activity too. Some girls like to get down and dirty. I being a girl prefer to play sports and get down and dirty. I usually don't like going shopping and i hate make up. So why can't girls play.

  • Yes! Let them!

    I am a girl football player. Y cant the rest of the girls play? They r good enough! We have the physical and mental ability to do it! Let girls dream, let girls play. They ARE good enough. We are just like guys. We are capable. Let us join yous, in your journey.

  • No way in hell

    Men and women are absolutely on different levels. It is biologically proved that men are just all around stronger. I'm in support of women's rights, so I am looking out for women when I say they will "hurt" playing with men. There are Women national sports as well, why combine them? Let them live their dreams in a safer environment.

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