If given the option to change gun policy in the US (regardless of feasibility), what would you do?

Asked by: famousdebater
  • Non-violent felons should be allowed to possess firearms.

    Felons convicted of non violent offences are not able to possess fire arms while they are on probation, at least. I don't think that felons should lose voting privileges while in prison or probation, or that non violent offenders should be banned from owning guns when they are released. (one word)

  • People should be allowed to have guns, but with restrictions.

    The first thing that we need to do is have stricter background checks on gun sellers and buyers. I believe people should be required to have a gun licence, the licence would expire every 3-4 years. It would be somewhat like a drivers licence. Once the licence expired the person would have to take a psychological exam and a test. People would have to go through training and gun safety before they would take a test in order to own a gun.

  • Yes they should

    As long as you have been in a safety course, you should be able to buy and use guns for hunting as long as it is used in a safe manner. I am a teenager and I think that as long as you are safe, you will be fine, and you have to take care of your fun. We should not only own them, but should know how to use them in case of safety issues.

  • CWPs For Everyone

    In my home state of NC, the only 2 ways to buy a handgun are to obtain a purchase permit, or to have a Concealed Weapons Permit. If it were up to me, I would make it mandatory for all gun owners to have a CWP or similar certification.

    In NC, before getting this permit, you have to take a firearm safety, and legal class, that teaches you basic firearms ownership and usage concepts, and tests your mental capacity for concealed carry. After this, you must submit a list of every legal residence you have ever had, so that they can check for criminal records. You also are required to provide medical records, to screen for mental health, and you are required to have your fingerprints documented by the Sheriff's office.

    It isn't that complicated of a process, and maybe takes 2 weekends. In my mind, this would be a simple way to educate gun owners, while making criminal background and mental health checks more prevalent, and promoting firearm ownership in a positive way.

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Background checks