If given worthy moral and health reasons to do so, would you become vegan?

Asked by: hopegreenie
  • Veganism is good for you and good for animals

    It has been proven time and time again that completely eradicating meat from one's diet is healthier for the body. Risk of heart disease, of cancer, of becoming overweight all plummet. Increase of healthy vegetables and grains in one's diet--as well as unsaturated plant fats that are easier for the body to process--is an AMAZING lifestyle choice. Don't worry about not getting protein! There are plenty of other sources available in nuts, beans, soy products (including tofu); and even grain products contain plenty of protein. For instance, you can get half the protein you need in a day just by eating a bagel with peanut butter on it in the morning!
    And for the animals, removing your support for the meat, dairy, and leather industries is more helpful than you might think. Billions of animals are killed every year for eating, and that's not even the worst of it. Their whole lives are spent in agony and discomfort which they would have otherwise avoided if allowed to live a natural life.
    Veganism is the most logical and wonderful idea in the modern world today. I hope you consider it. It's easy and so beneficial :)

  • I'm a vegetarian,

    So I obviously have valid moral and health reasons. The only reason I'm not a vegan is because I'm a really fussy eater so taking away dairy products from my diet would make it really hard to get for example the calcium I need. But in any case, most of my arguments apply to both vegetarians and vegans.
    One reason is that there is actually no need for us to eat meat. There is nothing we need in meat that can't be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. So we are effectively killing millions of innocent animals every year purely because "it tastes good". Despite the fact that there are alternatives such as Quorn which are made to replicate meat without actually containing meat, (but do contain protein that we need) and from what I've heard (I've never tasted actual meat) taste just as good as the beef/bacon/chicken etc. that ends up on our plates after a lifetime full of unfair torture and misery.
    There's also the numerous benefits to the health of becoming a vegetarian; switching from the typical American's diet to a vegetarian one can actually add 13 healthy years onto your life. Not to mention that rates of heart disease and certain types of cancer are lower in vegetarians and they are less likely to develop diabetes, obesity and hypertension, just to name a few.
    Now I respect everyone's dietary choices, just as I would want them to respect mine, but in my opinion it really does not make sense to put animals through torture just so we can have something nice to eat, especially when there is really no need and there are other alternatives. I really do think some people are ignorant to just eat whatever without being fully aware of how it got on their plate. I'll ask anyone who said 'no' to this question to actually look into how animals are treated prior to slaughter. Watch some videos and it may change your mind.

  • Cuz its healthy!

    You will die much later if you do it!

    So do it and live a rich full life!

    Don't die early cuz you cook the nutrients out of your food, eat grains, dairy or meat!

    Eat fruits and veggies and life 140 years! (proven, possible)

    You start to feel amazing and look sexy as h3ll too!!

  • No, I appreciate a good steak!

    Actually, I would consider this if presented with moral or health reasons that I deem valid. It's just that I've never heard an argument for total abstinence of meats that I consider valid. It's a somewhat loaded question. I respect that vegans have followed their conscience but personally I'm a pretty big fan of steaks, barbecued ribs, and lobster. Oh, I forgot bacon! Meats, like anything else, can be harmful if a diet is limited to them. I also appreciate and love animals, but I do not hold the view that it is immoral to also use some of them as a food source.

  • Why would I become vegetarian when there is MEAT!

    Bacon, steak, chicken, pork, all meat. And they are the best things you can eat. Not that I don't mind eating vegetables, don't get me wrong, but meat is better than any food you can eat. Vegetables are healthy, you may argue, but meat is as well. No matter what you say, I can argue why meat is better.

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