If god could make a rock so big that he couldnt lift it then would he still be all powerful?

Asked by: steffon66
  • This old paradox.

    Could man make a plane so big it couldn't fly? No, because if it could not fly, it would not be a plane. If a god could make a rock so big he could not lift it, it would not be a rock it would be a planet and would not require lifting.

    Look, if your not smart enough to come up with your own argument. Averroes said that back in the 12th century and no, it is not a way to disprove a god.

  • First of all, I will assume that we are talking about the Christian God.

    Now whether you are atheist or Christian, if you read the Bible, you would know that God cannot contradict Himself. And that does not imply non-omnipotence. So the paradox can be simply ended using that argument. Contradiction just means that God broke the rules He made. And if he did that then there would be no need for rules. So God would never need to lift a rock.

  • Contradictions don't exist

    I am an atheist, but I like philosophy. So contradictions can be fun to play with as mental games, but you have to add a dose of realism to actually answer questions.

    Quite simply, if something is all powerful it can do all possible things, it cannot do the impossible, as the moment it does it, the thing is no longer impossible. As such, to play in contradiction like this answers nothing. It deals in the impossible, not the possible if you have enough power.

  • No he/she/it wouldn't.

    Its a silly argument that proves the core problem with omnipotence. Theists hate this argument as it is so solidly logical there is no escape. As such they have to come up with some bizarre reasoning's to throw it away. The most commonly used method is to place your fingers in your ears and scream lalalalala.

  • No because he cant lift any size rock

    If god cant lift any amount of weight then he is not all powerful. But then again if he cant make a rock so big he cant lift it he isnt all powerful. There is no way we have an all powerful god and i certainly hope we dont as that would mean he could do anything and this is what he chose for humanity. I dont know how people believe in an all powerful and perfect god while we have all the evil in the world though its getting better.

  • The Phrase "All" Powerful Begs Says NO

    "all" - used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing

    "powerful" - having great power or strength

    So then, quite literally, no, if G-d could make a rock so big that he couldn't lift it, then he would not be all powerful. The concept of "all powerful" implies that there is nothing he cannot do, that he has the ultimate power and strength. Therefore, for G-d not to be able to do something, he must surrender his title as "all powerful".

  • 2+2=5, dear O'Brien

    I'd like to counter the claim that 'God cannot contradict himself'. This is an example of where the supreme divine dictator redefine nature so that it fits into his propaganda image of 'omnipotence'. The fact that he does not allow his opponents to comprehend such a scenario. Which begs the question- why would he set rules to limit himself in the first place?

    The title is a reference to Orwell's 1984, where 2+2 is 'whatever the party says'- bit like how God's omnipotence is whatever his supposed supporters say it is

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