If god is all powerful then why did he have to send an innocent person (jesus) to suffer for our sins?

Asked by: steffon66
  • That makes no sense

    Why would an all powerful god send an innocent person to suffer so that we can be saved? If he is all powerful he could have saved us another way. A more humane way maybe? Its silly to believe the bible because its full of problems for the rational mind. But not too many people are rational about religion. Thats why they pray when disaster strikes. You actually pray instead of doing something when disaster strikes and if that works that means that god allready knew about the disaster yet he decided that if a certain amount of people dont pray then he isnt going to help the victims of this disaster. Grow up and stop acting like children you religious nuts.

  • Makes Perfect Sense

    If the Christian's god is to be a ruler over mankind, he can't very well rule without laws. And if laws are truly just, and the deity is truly just, a just ruler can't very well go about with no intention of enforcing just laws. And if the just punishment for disobedience to the just laws is death, then the law-breaker must die. But if a judge wishes to extend mercy to a law breaker, and yet uphold the righteousness of the laws, he can't very well let the offender go scott-free. There must be a substitute life to sacrifice on behalf of the law-breaker...A life which is not already guilty of breaking the laws...Otherwise its no sacrifice because the life of the guilty is already required to die. And that's where Jesus steps in...

    Isaiah 53:
    "Surely he took up our pain
    and bore our suffering,
    yet we considered him punished by God,
    stricken by him, and afflicted.
    5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
    the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.
    6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
    each of us has turned to our own way;
    and the Lord has laid on him
    the iniquity of us all."

  • Jesus is a messenger

    In my belief, Jesus came to the earth as a messenger of god. Jesus brought the word of god an taught. In my religion we believe that manifestations/messengers come when the people are in a time where they need to be taught by god and are ready for new teachings. Therefore (based on my belief) Jesus was just a messenger of god bringing teachings and if you look in history, you will find that prophets are often resisted and killed because they bring new teachings that are difficult to grasp with the populations current knowledge.

  • Because Christianity is BS

    Christianity is BS because everything in the bible makes no sense, has fabrications, and just makes no sense.

    It is a very narcissist book, where humans are what God only cares about, not the animals and not the aliens, and also it is there to control people.

    It's all about starting off as a church to make money, then when in power, they control people.

  • Isn't this how sacrifices work?

    If "He" cannot break his own laws then a sacrifice as recorded throughout the Torah would be required to cleanse person's of their sins. Jesus simply acts as the ultimate sacrifice, the blood of a man, sinless and pure, to act as the soul which grants salvation to the sinner by means of being the ultimate sacrifice which cannot be surpassed. Rendering all lesser sacrifices unnecessary.

  • He didnt .

    Jesus never completed the prophecies like returning the jews back to Israel, and rebuilding the temple. All he completed was being jewish, and he was allegedly descendant of king david. Therefore he isn't the messiah, because he failed miserably at completing the prophecies and he died just like it is written for false prophets. G-d never requires the messiah to die, or require anyone to believe in him. And the 5 books of moses specifically says not to add or change it. It made this point very clear.

  • This is what the atonement of Jesus Christ is about.

    He sent his only begotten sun to die for our sins.
    He died so that we may live again.
    There are very detailed books about this and why this had to happen.
    It's not that "God sent an innocent man to suffer and die" it is that Jesus CHOSE to do it for us. God did not ask him to, Jesus volunteered.

  • Because Jesus died to those that didn't believe him.

    How did Jesus die? He didn't die from a Lightning Bolt from god. He died from the Romans and Jews that thought he was a liar, deceiver, and a heretic. Though he actually didn't die though. He became a zombie three days later with 500 people watching. He went back to heaven.

  • God showed all power in raising Jesus from the dead.

    All power does not equate to magic or tyranny. That a judge in a courtroom has all the power to preside over a case doesn't automatically mean that the judge would dismiss due process.

    Jesus was the promised messiah. He was also destined to become the ultimate sacrifice and example in order to establish a premise for forgiving humans for their sins and the extent of the power of love.

    God showed all power in raising Jesus from the dead, so sending Jesus to die for our redemption and then raising him up from the dead indeed verifies that God is all powerful.

  • Christian teachings on salvation don't make sense

    To me, what Christianity says about salvation is illogical. If all we have to do to be redeemed is accept that Jesus died for our sins, then it's too easy. I said to myself, "It can't be that simple". Plus if that is the case, does that mean Jerry Sandusky is redeemed if he accepts that?

  • You should probably ask a YES or NO question.

    It is something you should do seeing that the only two options to choose are YES (the green option with the thumb facing up) or No (the red option with the thumb facing down). It is logical, when the two options which can be chosen to answer a question are YES or NO, to make the question a yes or no question. An example of a yes or no question is "Did you think this question through?"

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thenewkidd says2014-07-05T22:21:46.873
This really isn't a Yes or No question. As depending on the answer someone could say "Yes" OR "No" and give a reason why this event happened.
Geogeer says2014-07-05T23:32:27.037
Not a yes or no question. Post this in the religious forum.
derplington says2014-07-06T04:45:55.807
Well, I can't vote because this isn't a yes or no question, so I will just state my opinion. He wants us to believe in him, and follow him without him. If he showed himself to everyone, every day, everyone would believe in him. Yet, he wants only the people who can follow him, without him being their, to go to heaven. If he did show himself to us everyday, that means the ones who would have never had faith, would be with as well.
joning.78 says2014-07-06T05:36:49.777
Actually, Jesus is God. Is not a person. It is not an innocent case. But a voluntered God (He is the way, the truth, and life. He is ressurection) came to save the you and me and we and all. Dont worry, Jesus is God, He is not dead person. Jesus is living God.
derplington says2014-07-08T20:30:56.507
Actually, that's a much better answer joning.78...
steffon66 says2014-07-09T17:20:36.033
Maybe the yes or no doesnt matter. Just pick one and explain one of the many problems i have with god. I wanted to do a forum hut the create forum button is gone and i cant create one. How bout yes that happened or no that didnt happen because a perfect god wouldnt have done this so the religion contradicts itself by saying god is perfect and then describing him as a sociopath who doesnt care about human suffering.
steffon66 says2014-07-09T17:37:00.220
So jesus is god. Its not like he wouldnt do this though. He decided that because adam and eve ate the wrong apple that he put there for no reason if not to be eaten from that the entire human race would suffer from evil and hell and then decided that maybe his punishment was too harsh and that its not right to through people in hell for the sins of other people so then he offered a way out. But not for everybody else who lived before jesus just for some of us. If any religion was true it would have been with us from beginning to end. We wouldnt find out that religions lied about things with science and then outgrow their moralities. If this religion was true we wouldnt outgrow its morality. We wouldnt be better than our religion which says slavery is appropriate. This isnt god this is the vivid imagination of ancient power addicts who didnt know right from wrong. Thats another problem i have with the bible. It says that we know right from wrong and if that were true there wouldnt be controversy with our moralities. Its a fact that not everybody knows right from wrong and there probably isnt anyone who knows all of whats right and wrong. If god existed we would all know right from wrong and there would be two sides right and wrong period. There wouldnt be millions of different opinions on whats right and whats wrong with each side thinking they are in the right. Whats the point of that and how is that punishable. When someone thinks they are doing right do they really deserve punishment for not being right? If anyone in this equation deserves punsihment its god who created us without the ability to be perfect and without the ability to know right from wrong because his mistakes are what cause us to suffer. So fuc* you and fuc* your religion
Futureauthor2000 says2015-07-15T03:34:15.410
I think God sent his son to die for us because he wanted to prove how much he truly loved us,by making the ultimate sacrifice. It was completely his choice.
steffon66 says2015-07-15T17:07:53.357
So by that logic i could kill my 5 year old son for my girlfriend to prove how much i love her. Your saying a PERFECT god tortured and slayed an innocent man only to show us how much he loved us? There are better ways of doing that. Much much better ways. Why didnt he come down here himself and go through that to show us how much he loved us. And he gets jesus right back after he dies so no sacrifice was made except on jesuses part. It wasnt a sacrifice at all for "god"