• Yes 'he' is

    Because god IS hell. Believing in that archaic, patriarchal, moronically, written scripture and of some god and Jesus in this day and age is a really sad effigy for our education system. Why would anyone profess 'love' to an entity that makes them suffer? That is what marriage is for.

  • Who's doing the punishing?

    Ask yourself would the devil punish himself? It should now become clear why God is in hell. Unlike everyone else there, he is no prisoner. He is the justice that hands out that punishment. Theres no better way tomake sure justice is served unless he does it himself. Remember, vengeance belongs to the Lord.

  • Hold the phone

    Of course he's not... I'm sure he's not there but on the contrary, surely enough has more than enough access to it. Yes he hands the punishment, but heaven and hell are two separate places and things, "ran" by two totally different forces. Why would The Lord occupy hell with the ex-angel Satan?

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