If god wanted me to do something hed speak verbally instead of making me trust in the words of power hungry morally incompetent men.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes and no. He'd speak through your heart, your conscience. He'd make you passionate about doing whatever it is.

    No reason to think that a transcendental being would have to come down and speak to me the way other humans do. He'd speak to me through my inner Self. Of course the church is corrupt; we must listen to Conscience. Haven't you ever heard the authentic Self, the little voice inside your head? The desire, the passion, the love, that goes against every preconception you had, but the one which you must go with if you don't want to betray yourself?

  • How do you know what God would do

    There is no evidence for any God so if God did exist God could be any which way. There is not even a rule that God be good. God could exist but be evil or just not care. God could have blue and orange morality too. We don't know what God would do if God exists.

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