If god wanted me to do something he'd tell me verbally instead of making me believe in one of thousands of religions written by men

Asked by: steffon66
  • Like i said if god wanted me to do something hed tell me to do it verbally

    And seeing what religion has done to people in the past i dont think he would want me to live by a religion. I cant believe in religions like christianity for example which claims that god is perfect while it also claims that he punishes children for the sins of their parents and when he punished the entire human race with evil for the sins of the first two people. Religion sucks and if we still lived by religion we would kill gays and own slaves.

  • The word of God would certainly be stronger than that of men

    While I don't believe in God, I think this would be the way to go. The Bible and all the other religious documents out there were created by man and were manipulated by man to say what they wanted. But you obviously believe in God, so here's my logic (not being disrespectful). Most religions say we are in superior to God and helpless without him, so if he truly cared about his people, he would guide them to the correct religion. And since you seem confused enough about which one to follow, he would likely guide you in the right direction with a message if that's what it takes. If you want, pray to him asking which one to follow. If he responds, follow that one. Again, I am atheist, so I obviously think he will not. If I am wrong and he does exist, logically thinking, he should respond to you. Or at least done something to eliminate all the "fake" religions out there. The last time humanity got off track, he drowned it, so you'd think by this point he would have done it again.

  • I would say that this is true.

    I don't believe God intervenes in human affairs out of the fear that we may misinterpret his words (wonder how he came up with that notion). If he really wanted me to do something, one it would have to be universally important, he would tell me directly, or by means of a dream, as to avoid trampling my independence (with a dream, it seems to come from one's own mind as opposed to being from God). If he did decide to approach me with a request directly, I would still feel that he would give me the option to not do it. Truth is, I don't think God wants us to do anything specific, he just wants us to live freely and do what makes us happy, and that is human nature.

  • He is not giving you any instruction with that mindset.

    Sorry, but God himself is not going to come down and tell you what to do as he already has told prophets what we should do. Whether or not you have the faith is all you. It has also been proven that angelic visitation will not make you convert. You already have to believe. Oliver Cowdery saw the gold plates, was given the Aaronic priesthood by John the Baptist, got the Melchizedek Priesthood from Peter, James, and John but still left the Mormon Church. Granted, he never recanted what he saw and never denied it but he did leave.

  • He loves you too much

    We are not capable of understanding God's plans for us just like an infant does not understand things that an adult does. Coming to earth and learning to have faith and learn things on our own is a very important thing. God does tell you about his existence when you learn to listen. I know because I have experienced it. You will come to understand more and more as you put your trust and faith in God. I know it is hard to understand, but it is essential that it works this way. Trust God and you will be amazed. Check of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Which religion should be followed?

    Any Book that claims its a word of God, should pass the test of time. Now its time of Science, we need to analyse which Book passes this test.

    God created us and our mind, and Knows what sort of questions we would ask to believe in Him.

    If you want to know about your Creator, it would be worth watching this video.

    it will answer yours most of Questions.

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