If God was real, wouldn't he of forced us to believe?

Asked by: KylePooley
  • Why hasn't he forced us? Or presented himself?

    It's an interesting question, particularly for those who are religious.
    Why am I an atheist?
    Why has God allowed Atheism and if he was really all powerful and perfect, wouldn't he of made me religious.
    If I created lesser, extra terrestrial life, and I wanted them to believe in me, I either would have made them believe in me (If I had the Power), or show myself in order for them to believe without force.
    This may give you religious people something to cling on, but did he allow us to make our own choices?
    The only way I could LITERALLY believe, is by seeing the man/woman/thing him/her/thing self..

  • Just another reason supporting science

    People who believe in religion are scared of death so they choose to believe in god. They let religion tell them what to think and it's now become normal in society. Religion is highly overrated when science has more logic than the thought or there being a god (religion) ever will.

  • Yes of course

    If 'God' is some-one/thing that wants to be believed in, yes.
    Otherwise, God doesn't want us to believe in him, which is absolutely fine with me because I don't, thanks to the brain that some say God gave me, I'm essentially an atheist.

    Maybe he wouldn't have "forced" us, if you're still into that whole "faith" stupidness, which God wouldn't be... But if he wanted to be discreet for some reason, he would have put evidence in science and had it confirm his existence to some degree. That doesn't happen one bit which either means he doesn't exist or he really doesn't want us to waste the lives he gave us worshipping him.

    Deistic and pantheistic God's are the only sane persons type of god, and even deistic is pushing it. God is supposed to be supremely intelligent - supremely intelligent things aren't usually so selfish. If he gave us life, he gave it us for us, not for us to "love" him.

    If he only created us to worship him and still didn't give us any real sign of his existence, that would make him dumb as well as petty and childish. I wouldn't want to worship that kind of God anyway...

  • God bestows Free Will upon the people

    In the Bible, God grants humans the will to do as they please (although he prefers to be loved by them all). Forcing characteristics onto his creations would not only make him a liar but also a dictator of life. It is through this endowment by God that allows mankind to follow in its own direction.

  • What would be more satisfying to you, if you were God?

    A) I force everyone to believe in me and worship me. Hooray! Everyone believes in me and worships me because I forced them to! Although I don't actually know how many would truly do so, and maybe I'm just a horrible person - I won't know, because there's no other choice than to be pro-me!
    B) I don't force everyone to believe in me and worship me. Hooray! Many people are believing in me anyway, even though I didn't force them to! People actually find my argument for my existence compelling!
    B, without a doubt.

  • I am an atheist, but...

    If God forced people to believe in him if he existed, then we would lose our free will. Our free will makes use human and not robots. At least the Christian god is believed to want us to have the freedom to choice to believe in him. If we were forced it would not be real. For example if your spouse was forced to love you then your relationship would not be real, but because your spouse has the choice to choose to love you then the relationship is real and based on trust and love. As I said though I am an atheist and do not believe in God.

  • It's not his will.

    In a way, he does force some to believe. SOME. No one can come to the truth unless the Lord first shows that person their sinful state. So in a way he does. He only does this to the people he loves, and he does not love everyone. In the end, God does what he wants. So if he does not want to present himself, or if he doesn't want someone to believe right now, then he doesn't have to. In the end everyone will know that he is God, and whether someone is blessed for their belief in him or cursed because of their disbelief, God receives the glory, which he deserves.

  • God gave man choice

    In the beginning god gave man choice . If god didn't then how loving would he be? The bible says god is loving and just if he wasn't then what kind of world would this be the christian church would be a mad house. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" God has given us a second chance , if you take it you will die a second death.

  • How It's Made or More Like Why It's Made

    Why has God made evolution. Many Christians are now accepting that evolution is something that is real. This is quite peculiar considering evolution's purpose is to help wild animals survive, but us humans are not wild and we were created smart and able to protect ourselves and live in safety of society when we were made.

    Humans aren't perfect. According to science we are driven by ancient instincts that helped our ancestors survive. The reason we are lazy is because we want to conserve calories to survive, the reason we crave sex is because we need to mate to create more offspring, the reason we like certain things and not others is based on survival. Why does God even need to implement this? It doesn't make any sense and seems contradictory and even adds more evil to the world.

    Posted by: Rekt
  • Forcing us to believe would basically make God be Satan.

    Keep in mind, this is coming from an LDS standpoint.

    When God proposed his Plan of Salvation, he needed someone to go down to Earth and atone for everyone's sins. Lucifer spoke up, saying that instead of someone atoning for sins, he would force everybody to be good, so that they could all return to heaven. Then, Jesus said that he would go down and atone, and the glory would be God's. Lucifer was cast out of heaven along with 1/3 of the hosts of heaven and became Satan. If God were to force us to believe, he would basically be Satan. Also, he would be nullifying the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

  • Defeats the purpose of faith

    This is my take: The Bible essentially says the only way to heaven is through faith in Jesus (The only way to my father is through me). This would imply that salvation is contingent upon having faith in something that may not be immediately obvious. If God were to force you to believe in Him, not only would it go against the free will He gave us (the free will to believe or not believe, the free will to live your life in accordance with His word or not), but I would venture to say that it would work against us, because it would be ensuring that our faith is illegitimate.

  • No, he's not that good.

    To put it simply, God doesn't have the ability to do it correctly so if he/she/it were real there is no biblical evidence to suggest he could.  Depending on which Genesis account of creation you believe, humans were the last thing he created before he grew so tired he had to rest.  He had nothing to do but create these humans, and presumably he did his best in making them.  What did these humans do immediately after being created?  They did the one thing God told them not to do.  So apparently even with God's ability to know everything (past, present, and future) he was unable to create the sort of human capable of obeying him.  He knew they would disobey even before he created them, and yet he still made them that way.  If he can't make a being do something as simple as obey a command, then there is no way he could make a being with something as complicated as a forced belief.

    Let's take another example of God's incompetence.  After God created everything he let some number of years pass before he realized he hated how everything turned out.  Remember this is a being that knows everything (past, present, and future) and he grew to loathe what he created even though he always knew exactly how it would turn out.  The level of incompetence shown by the biblical God is quite staggering.  So the wickedness of his creation surprises him and makes him so sad he wants to kill all of it (and they say God is love), which means he wanted a do-over. What kind of perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing, omnibenevolent being would require a do-over?  Certainly not the sort of being capable of forcing its creation to believe in it.

    Of course there are examples of God casting doubt into people, and why not do such a thing when you've created a place of eternal torment for doubters to spend eternity, but not once is there a single story of God ever forcing people to believe in him/her/it.  I realize this is not evidence that he can't, but I think it is rather telling considering the steps he takes to punish those that do so much as complain about not having enough food/water while wandering a small desert for 40 years.  When the Egyptian Pharaoh wanted to let the Hebrew go God changed his mind for him so that God would have an excuse to punish him and all of Egypt by extension.  So he can cause disbelief and doubt, in fact he even seems proud of this at points, but he never once causes believe.  I think it's quite clear from a biblical reading that he is incapable of king so, and even if he tried he would just create one more snafu in a long line of God's snafus.

  • Not necessarily, no.

    I'm an agnostic and a bit of an ignostic . I believe in a possibility of there being something greater than ourselves, but I do not assume I can know for sure.
    With this said, there are many theories about the way that this greater power operates, not all of which would coincide with forced credence. Deists believe that there is a god (or God) who created the universe, but then let nature take its course. Many others believe that God does very little to intervene. If this is (or were to be) the case, then it would be reasonable to believe that this god or God simply looks upon us, and demands very little in return, even if God would prefer belief (or perhaps not, but who can know?).

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