If God wasn't real, would our lives be meaningless?

Asked by: retroman000
  • MY life would be totally meaningless

    In everything I do and in every second of my life I live for God and I live to please Him, not because of fear of Hell or because of my desire for Heaven but because of what He did in my life.
    Jesus said: "I have come so you can have life, and have it to the full." This is what I experience every day. Happiness can come from earthly riches and activities but that does not last. However His joy is my strength in hard times and troubles. That does not mean I cannot enjoy what's in the world, but it means that I don't want to fill the emptiness inside me with what's in this world because God is the only one who can fill that emptiness.

  • Atheism teaches - Christianity teaches -

    Does Atheism not teach that you are just in an evolutionary cycle, and your no more complex than a salad dish and no more Significant?
    I thought the Atheist position says that your of the product of primordial Slime? And your actions have no significance whatsoever? Is that not it? That's what Richard Dawkins says. So if there is no God i submit to any of you, without God we can freely say that we are better than everyone else because we Evolved more than them?
    I also Submit, that if there was no God. And men only seek to enjoy themselves, am i wrong? Then what men would do, is Riot, Indulge in immorality, on a Scale we cannot even imagine. Innocent men, women, and Children, would die just as much as we Abort and Destroy Babies that are called "Accidents" by the Atheist who cannot bear the responsibility of caring for them. Joseph Stalin lost his faith in God, he became a tyrant. Adolf Hitler lost his Faith in God, he became a Tyrant.
    The Atheist position has always said, that we are nothing more than the product of nothing, and therefore we are nothing. Similar beliefs held by the Tyrants of the 20th century, who made it their Duty to become the master Races.
    With God i not only find Intellectual Satisfaction, but i also find tremendous reason to exist. For him and him alone. Equality, Love, Peace, Joy.
    I do agree with the Atheist that the Christian Church is no where near perfect, i understand you, it is a shame we have Christians who are Practically Atheists, but if you read the bible, you will find out why we have this hypocrisy, in the Church.

  • God is life

    As others said, every prophecies in the Bible came to realization, predicting Jesus' arrival. God is life and his ways are truths. He who chooses satan, personal morals and gains, will feel empty inside and endlessly seeking earthly gratification until it all disappear. We all die one day but what we choose to strive for should be according to God's principle because it allows us to carry on according to his plans after death (Jesus, which is God as an avatar if you will, vainquish death). Nowadays, we can easily behold how humankind lost itself through depravity. It's common as it was in Noa's time (minus the giants).._

  • If god was not real

    If there is no god, then why would i go to work and why would i even care about anything. If there is no God, then i would do anything that I wanted without care.... The evidence that there is a God that it is overwhelming. Archeology, historical witnesses, the Bible, and lets not forget the 3000 prophecies in the Bible of which most have been fulfilled 100% accuracy.......Thats it in a nut shell.....

  • There's no need to be have a Hell this world IS Hell.

    I hate it here, the only thing that kept me going was that "Don't worry, you'll see God and Jesus soon, and you're gonna be so happy, and you'll forget about all your sadness and disappointment here on Earth!" And I still believe that...But...As I get older... You know today is my birthday, but now I really don't feel like celebrating.

  • Too much sorrow

    Life has much more sorrow than happiness, happiness being what everyone lives for. If you don't believe in God, than any happiness that you receive does not last very long. Only God even claims to give you everlasting happiness. This hope overcomes the overwhelming amount of sorrow that fills Earth.

  • Meaning is relative.

    The idea of a creator is a very human thought. We make things, so something had to make us. We only know what we've discovered though. We haven't discovered the beginning of time or matter, and we never will. There will always be pieces missing. We are very small. We simply posses self awareness to the point that we feel special. We think the universe surrounds us. If every human died, there would be no humans to care. None to be sad. None to worry about a creator. We would just be done.

    If you want to enjoy your temporary period of self-awareness, then life is relatively meaningful regardless of God or any other creator.

    If you believe in God, it will only cause you to have an increased amount of meaning because of its relation to the supposed afterlife.

  • When you die, then what?

    Every thought about the meaningfulness about life has to take in the factor of death. Nature is like a machine the keeps cycling through generation after generation; it takes one in and spits one out. The extra hours we put in at work, the nice clothes we wore today, the very obedient children we have, and money in our bank accounts, what will give us as we lie on our death beds? None of those things hold lasting value if there is no more exiting after we die.

  • God did create the heaven and the earth

    Knowing that no one knows tomorrow, God almighty is the only one who knows tomorrow. If not for God Joseph wouldn't have become a vice president. Without God Daniel wouldn't had come out of the lion's den alive, if not God David wouldn't had killed golayate. Definitely, without God my live would be meaning

  • Life is a series of roller coaster rides.

    No one cares about the destination, just the ride.

    If there was no god, our lives would actually have more meaning. No criticism against being gay or being a scientist.

    God is a hater if he exists. God lets thousands of children in Africa die, and he creates horrible earthquakes happen in places like Haiti and Japan. Also, is it REALLY possible to enjoy heaven knowing that people are burning in hell because the Creator was so picky?


  • How can you live a meaningful life with god?

    Why is it assumed that the non-existence of a god would render life meaningless?

    Rather, i'd like to ask; how can you live a meaningful life if god does exist? Knowing that forever you can never be free of your current consciousness, and that when you die, you must be forced to love your abusive father, who created humans sick then expected them to cure themselves, or suffer for eternity.

    This kind of an existence would hardly be worth living in. Life is valuable specifically because it is limited, ephemeral, and precious.

  • No, absolutely not.

    I believe the right question to ask is how would the existence of a god give life any more meaning? You die and you go to a magical place. Um, okay. I guess that can be nice for some people. But if we actually think critically about the concept of heaven, the honest truth is that this happy ending still doesn't provide anymore meaning. What purpose does heaven serve for anything? Because if there is one thing I've learned of this universe it's that we aren't given what we want or what we prefer; but only what we need.

    God doesn't add anymore value to anything.

  • Not at all.

    Many religious people attest to how much more meaningful their lives are because of their beliefs. They also, however, can certainly find plenty of meaning and happiness here on Earth. It scares people to think that there's nothing after life, and that's alright. It's not alright, however, to let those fears overtake you and manifest into a set of superstitious beliefs all bent on alleviating your fears of what comes after.

  • This is a rather poorly worded question.

    Quite simply either god exists or doesn't exist. So, if your life has meaning, and God does exist, your life will still have meaning. If your life has meaning, and it turns out that God doesn't exist, then your life had meaning despite his non existence and your life had meaning despite that fact. Either way, ones life still possesses meaning without the existence of god.

  • Life is the same, with or without god.

    But strictly speaking, life would be much better, because the limitations assigned by the religious institutions wouldn't be there. We might even expect more scientific advancement if there is no religion. (e.G. Stem cell research was boycotted by church). Life is actually meaningful. And god isn't real. It is just abstract

  • You give life meaning

    Life will only ever be meaningless if you make it so. Assuming that God does not exist, there are still things in this world that give meaning to a persons life. Whether it is their friends and family, community service, work, pursuit of stardom, whatever; life will always have meaning if you live for something or someone. It is the people who live their lives with no purpose or direction that can fall into the trap of believing their life is meaningless.

  • God Or No God, we matter

    We matter because we are alive. If you believe in God, that's good and if you don't believe in God, that's okay too. But since we are alive, we matter. We are alive, we can think and feel. Every life counts and even without a God, your life would still matter

  • More meaningful, in fact.

    The fact that this life is the only life we have, that there are no magical afterlives where we live forever and ever, makes life more meaningful. It is far more imperative to live to the fullest, to experience everything we can, to leave something behind us as a legacy, since we only have one chance.

  • Then, we can do what has been our ambition!

    What i mean by ambition is to make lives count: go for good life, money, and leaving something behind for history so you can be remembered, not forgotten. This is basically being invincible, or immortal, except you don't live! For animals, the goal of their lives are to live and reproduce. But humanity is different. We just don't try to survive. We try to do things, enjoy life, and leave something behind. That is what i believe, if there is no god, or if there IS god.

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