If god were real and good he would save us from his followers by enlightening them of the knowledge of good and evil.

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  • My headline wouldnt fit.

    There is no way that a good god who wants us to believe in him would let his followers be evil unknowingly completely discrediting god or making him look evil himself. There is no way. Thats ridiculous. You dont understand what im talking about because you only understand the concept of a contradiction when its convenient for you. So you want to believe all know right from wrong even though they all contradict each other with their precepts so you do despite that fact. Stop getting in the way of moral progress you religious bstards. Start being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

  • God is good, and has a plan.

    God has a plan, and gave us free will. That is seemingly contradictory, but when you get down to it, God is effectively saying that it's up to us to solve our own problems. It would be a malevolent God who would step in and solve our problems, because we would be dependent on Him for His help. It's the blatantly "I hate religion, so I'm going to argue against it. To begin with, I'm going to flat-out ignore the fact that we have no tools to find out whether or not there is a God. Then I'll try to sell it by convoluted use of semantics and pushing the entire burden of proof elsewhere" that I would listen to that heretic Dawkins if I wanted to see that annoys me to no end. They may believe whatever (heretical lies) they want. Just please refrain from shoving them in our faces.

  • Definition of god but..

    "save us from his followers by enlightening them of the knowledge of good and evil"
    what makes people think this is a job for a god?
    Just because they, lets say created the world, doesn't mean they have to babysit the thing.

    Christianity (cause I assume its the abrahamic god your implying) could clam that the fruit of knowledge is that. What you say.
    With that in mind, Human beings have the "ability" to discern good and evil.
    With the means of enlightenment, why is some other agent required to do the work for you?

    IMO what makes Joseph, Jesus, Buddha great is not their divinity, but their ability to face their demons in extreme conditions, and to get to that "higher" level of enlightenment. Think about great people in history, as well as fiction (since, at least for this case, is a study of the human condition)
    they find enlightenment via struggle, Plato's allegory of the cave depicts this well.
    Cause that's something everyone can do, but not everyone does, or wants to.

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Craighawley215 says2015-06-23T03:00:20.487
So, if God were real, he would punish his followers and benefit non-followers?