If he gives you an ugly ring, Does that mean he is not the right guy for you?

Asked by: amanee97
  • This guy does not know your taste

    When you accept the ring you are accepting to spend the rest of your life with a guy that does not know what you like or want. It may just be a ring but if he does not pay attention to the little things maybe he does not pay attention to the big things either

  • The guy in the "YES" posted three times

    IT is hilarious you had to do that just so you can get even with the "no" column. I'm only writing to even it out. I have only 21 more words. Would you look at that. . 10 more words left.
    Why does it feel like you are still single? Lol

  • Ingratitude is far worse.

    Notwithstanding the fact that the whole engagement marriage thing is a load of archaic nonsense anyway. A long term relationship should be based on far more than the subjective appreciation of a jewellery trinket. An ungracious women is far worse than a guy with a perceived poor appreciation of jewellery aesthetics.
    If she has the impudence to criticise the ring you choose guys, Then ditch her now before it's to late!

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder Different people have different tastes. Were the proposer might like rubies with darth vader's face engraved on it, The person being proposed too might want a sapphire with the face of captain kirk. What some people see as beautiful other might think is horrible and disgusting.
    Also sometimes the proposer might give their bride to be (hopefully) something that is of great emotional value. In that case it would be quite horrible in my opinion to turn him down just because it's ugly.
    And to address the positives argument. You can't be expected know everything about your girlfriend. Especially small minute details like engagement ring preferences. Ultimately, It should not be required of men to stalk their girlfriends to know everything about them, And, If it's really that bad, Just trade it in.

  • I think there should be clear communication.

    The guy is not the wrong guy, He just needs to communicate and ask you what you like. The more you guys talk about it, He should know the ins and outs of the type of ring you want and it should be clear from then on. I feel that this will help settle the situation.

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