If hell is real, do people choose to go there?

Asked by: thp078
  • It is certainly a possibility.

    While I don't really believe in the afterlife, I do acknowledge the possibility that hell may be real (as well as the possibility it is not). I also acknowledge that if hell were real, people could certainly have the ability to choose to go there. If the only way to get into hell is to sin and not repent, some people may commit sin and not repent in order to go there. Some people may also think that they deserve to go there/want to go there as punishment or repentance for what they have done. All in all, if hell existed people would certainly have a choice to go there.

  • I agree that hell is real.

    Hell is real to those who have faith but I don't anyone would choose to go there. We are sent there because we have sinned. It is a punishment for those that commit murder, adultery, theft, and incest to name a few. There are other sins to name but fact of the matter it I believe that no one would consciously chose to go to hell.

  • Hell rarely rates as the people's choice

    If hell is real, no one would choose to go there. The conventional description of hell includes fire, pain and agony, fear, unhappiness — not the kind of place anyone would choose to be. People who end up in hell generally get there through their own misdeeds; they are "bad" people and end up in hell to pay for their mistakes.

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Ragnar says2013-09-18T19:36:21.397
Definitions of why people are sent there, are required to answer this.
thp078 says2013-09-18T19:40:38.393
Not true. I intentionally made it a broad question to accommodate for everyone's perception of hell and the reasons why one might end up there after death.
Ragnar says2013-09-18T19:43:44.347
True, someone can answer anything.
thp078 says2013-09-18T19:49:43.720
That's the point.