If Hillary Clinton becomes elected, will the United States start World War III?

Asked by: AOCPS
  • Hillary Clinton supports a no fly zone in Syria.

    Hillary Clinton has been addicted to creating a no fly zone in Syria, to save Syrian refugees that are going through tough circumstances there. However, not only that will create war with Syria, but it will also create war with Russia. Since Russia has more nuclear weapons than the United States (850 more), then this will become a nuclear war if Hillary Clinton gets elected. Also, creating a no fly zone will actually kill Syrians instead of saving them, since a nuclear war would be taking place.

  • Hillary has said it repeatedly

    She wants war with Russia, she said flat out that the US will declare war on Russia and begin attacking them "once she becomes president." She really is just trying to spread anti-Russia propaganda so than no one notices that china is the issue, and then she can declare wr on russia for things they never did.

  • That's for sure.

    Hillary Clinton has been lying to the people, and is so pro war for the Mideast. Worst of all, Hillary Clinton has supported ISIS, funded ISIS, supplied ISIS, and made profit from ISIS! If anyone not in Congress would have been doing that, that person would have for sure been put in jail and it would have gone everywhere in the news. But because Hillary Clinton is "above the law" due to her skin color, her wealth, her contribution in making the rich and Wall Street richer as well as bailing them out during economic recessions, they don't want to lose that. This country's government is such a shame beyond measure, beyond belief, and beyond what I could even ever imagine! Hillary Clinton is so not the person for president, and neither is Donald Trump. Jill Stein is, and Gary Johnson isn't because Gary Johnson also supports what the two party system tends to support. Jill Stein is the only hope for this country. Vote for her on November 8, or now if you can now do so, to make real change in the US.

  • WWIII not happening with Russia or China.

    WWIII if started, could not be contained too a non nuclear confrontation. And because of the "Launch On Warning" requirements of that exchange, the prime reasons for the conflict, "Control Of Resources", would not be achieved AND because not only would young men die, but the old men who started the war would die also, a first or at least not normal situation.

  • Trump would start WWIII for sure, not Hillary.

    Hillary Clinton does not want to have a war against anyone, meanwhile, you have have Trump who says things like "I love war" and "I will blow the heck out of ISIS". Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate who has said "I love war" and supports acts of war. Every other president from Lincoln to Eisenhower has denounced war. Also, Trump wants to abandon all of our allies, which will create hostilities with other countries. Hillary wants to expand relationships with all countries will Trump wants to do the opposite.

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