If Hillary Clinton is indicted, do you think she should drop out of the presidential race?

  • She needs to go straight to jail do not collect 200.00 Dollars

    It takes one bad apple to destroy a bushel of apples here we have all these bad apples Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney,John Kasich,Ted Cruz, o' and we must not forget Marco Rubio there all Politicians and Donald Trump is not a Politicians he is a well to do candidate running to be our next president of the United States he wasn't a Politicians telling lies people need to look at these Politicians record. If people would just look and read about the Politicians that are running they can get a better look don't lessen to all the media about anti Trump because the media is really trying to make them self's look good I know who I;m voting for Donald Trump ad least he is telling you like it is Hillary just tell you lies after lies and she is a crypt Politician people need to read about Hillary and see all the scandals she has been in so far all I can say Americans make America great again not hole like Hillary wants or we all will be falling in that hole trying to get out

  • An Indictment would Destroy what little credibility Clinton has left.

    Hillary Clinton is already mistrusted by many democrat and liberal voters. Her main appeal thus far has been that she claims to be more experienced and electable than Bernie Sanders. This is despite his forty years of service as a Senator for Vermont. If Hillary is actually indicted, which I doubt will occur, then the last shreds of her credibility will be vaporized. How could the public trust her if she is arraigned for distributing classified information illegally? I have no doubt that an indictment would ruin her campaign. Especially if it happens within the next few days, the momentum appears to be shifting after Sanders won in a huge upset in Michigan.

  • Yes, I think that if Hillary Clinton is indicted she should drop out of the presidential race.

    Yes, I think that if Hillary Clinton is indicted she should drop out of the presidential race because there shouldn't be a chance that the next president of America could face criminal charges. Although I believe that the situation with Clinton's email scandal is blown out of proportion by her political enemies, I trust that she would do the right thing and drop out if she is indicted.

  • Yes, Hillary should drop out if indicted

    Although Hillary has many supporters, if she is indicted she will lose a lot of votes. Some people may simply not vote, if Hillary wins the nominee. She's been involved in too many scandals. There will be people who still support her, but that amount will start to die down if she's in serious trouble.

  • I think that Hillary Clinton would fight the accusation.

    So far, Hillary Clinton has fought any accusations against her vehemently and will continue to do so. She already has had a lot of bad press about the incident and her fighting it might even help her by giving her more air time with national and inter-national news and broadcasting stations.

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