If Hogwarts sent your child an acceptance letter, would you allow them to attend?

Asked by: ForSerious
  • This would depend.

    If it is after voldemort is killed by Harry then yes. If before, heck no. I would not want to send my child to their quite possible death. The only reason to send them before would be to see Dumbledore. He is awesome and the worst thing is when he dies.

  • Well, Of Course!

    Being a Hogwarts Alumni myself, it would be hypocritical if I didn't. Ever since The Battle, Headmistress McGonagall has made the school a better and more unified place. Not to mention that they have a very good survival rate these days. Long story short, in I can survive seven years there, so can my child.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would most definitely.

    I know that if I got a letter and if my parents said no, I would be pretty upset with them so I would let them go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • I would like to go myself!

    I am 11 and I would love to go to Hogwarts. I have read the whole series, and it seem to me like I would have fun doing magic. I mean seriously, Levitating, fixing, and minupliating, objects. I thnk I can safely say that I would love to go to Hogwarts! Also I respect everyone else's opinion.

  • Yes I would

    Yes I would because how awesome would it be to learn magic, you can zap stuff, float stuff, kill things, turn people in to animals. I'm sorry but that's a once in a live time opportunity of course I would send them to Hogwarts. That way they can go to school with Harry and Ron and everyone else

  • Hmmm, let me think... YES!!!!!!!

    OBVIOUSLY! I would sure miss my child, but having them be a witch or wizard would change the life of every person in our family! There is no way I would let them pass up that once in a lifetime opportunity! Also, it would be great for me and my spouse and other children (if I had more than one child) even though we're Muggles because we still get to go to Diagon Alley and Platform 9 ¾!

  • More free time

    With them at Hogwarts I would have more time to myself. Also they could tell me about magic when they come back. Good for the both of us.

    But only if it is after all the dangerous stuff happens, I don't want my kid to end up dieing because of some stupid decision I made. :/

  • Go hogwarts ofc yes

    I am so n love with Hogwarts and the Harry Potter fandom, it's not even funny anymore. If my child got an acceptance letter I WOULD LITERALLY HIDE IN HER BAGGAGE AND GO WITH HIM/HER! The same thing goes for Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter. (because I will most definitely adopt) YAY FANDOMS! Who wouldn't seriously?

  • You would be tremendously idiotic to not send your child to Hogwarts!

    If you were offered a chance that was one in a million would you accept it? Of course you would! It would teach your child to be safe around magic. This would be wonderful because then they are aware of the consequences of magic. Your child would be able to experience an opportunity and culture that very few do. At Hogwarts there is no electronics. This would stop cyber bullying and allow the students to work differently and use their creativity to learn about the immortal world.

  • Of course, I will

    I want to be like Hermoine's muggle parents who ever confused about this magic school thingy. It would be awesome to have kids who can perform magic. I just wish i could learn some magic from them too. I can't wait to see my kid's pet, that she brings back for summer.

  • But I will not persecute the child like Vernon and Petunia did

    I will not accept a magic invitiation. It goes against Christian values and morals. Magic by its very nature is deceit and Satan in the form of something else. That being said, I wouldn't be like Vernon or Petunia. If I had a son who believed in magic, I would disapprove, but I would pray that God put him on the right path!

  • Persecution, Death, Ignorance

    I would not send my child to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Pure bloods would call my child mud-blood.
    The professors endanger children, especially Hagrid.
    Even if my child survived the bullying and the near-death experiences, they would graduate without the critical thinking skills needed to do well in the world.

  • Safety, racism, elitism and not seeing my child for months at a time!

    The school is not safe. From brooms to dragons and dark magic, that place is just waiting for a serious accident. Then all of the houses call each other names plus people calling out halfbloods (which my daughter is - as I am a wizard but my wife is not). But the biggest issue is that I would not see my daughter for months at a time and even then just for a months at a time. She just got her acceptance letter today (on her birthday) and we are debating whether or not to send her.

  • Most dangerous school ever

    Although it would be awesome if my kid had magical powers, and I would want them to go to a school that cultivated that, surely there are better wizarding schools than hogwarts. I mean, prejudice is rife among the teachers and students, both for blood status and houses. There never seem to be any decent safety procedures in place, the school is a well known target of dark wizards and has been subject to corruption in every level (think Umbridge). If a student has legitimate concerns they are generally ignored and often punished. My kids would probably be dead before graduation or at least scarred for life.

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