If homosexuality and pedophilia can both be the result of both nature and nurture, excluding the object of attraction, isn't homosexuality also a mental disease?

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If homosexuality and pedophilia can both be the result of both nature and nurture, excluding the object of attraction, isn't homosexuality also a mental disease?
  • Stop Being Politically Correct.

    When you exclude the object of attraction, neither have any real difference. In fact, a pedophile can be "born that way" just as much as a homosexual can. Pedophiles with perfectly normal childhoods have been known to come about without any signs, they are just who they are. Born that way. And both show signs of childhood abuse as well. So where is the difference aside from the object of attraction? Why isn't it classified as a mental disease? Because it's "wrong" to the politically correct.

  • Hell yes it is!!

    I have noticed that most homosexuality have some sort of instability in their personalities and you can see it easily when you give them the chance to talk about it openly. The science proved that no one can be born homosexual just right out, but it also shows that there is sometime some kind of hormonal fluctuation and that could be adjusted by medication and certain foods, other than that it's all because of the way they were raised, sexual abuse and society support in a blind way.

  • Both are mental disorders!

    Yes, both homosexuality and pedophilia are mental diseases. They are leaned behaviors. It happens during the childhood years.

    A child is a blank slate when born except for instincts, e.G., crying when hungry, cold, dirty diaper, need to be cuddled, etc. There are many factors in a child’s environment that may result in that child having GIDC – Gender Identity Disorder in Children.

    There is more than sufficient proof that homosexuality and pedophilia are mental diseases that start in early childhood. Many homosexuals and pedophiles suffer from a variety of different mental disorders as children, e.G., Dissociative Identity Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder. Many prominent world renowned psychologists and psychiatrists have proven that you are not born gay, i.E., there is no gay gene.

    “Prominent psychologists, E.G., Kenneth J. Zucker believes that it is a mental disorder that results from the improper raising of children, which results in some children growing up with gender identity problems. -- -- Kenneth J. Zucker is an American psychologist and sexologist, and head of the child and adolescent gender identity clinic at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. [1] Based on his collaboration with Susan Bradley (Bradley is a psychiatrist), Zucker is considered an international authority in the field of gender identity disorder in children (GIDC) and in adolescents. [2] According to Xtra! "His clinic has probably diagnosed more GIDC than any other facility in the world." http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Kenneth_Zucker -- -- Zucker

    “Susan Jane Bradley (born 1940) is a Canadian psychiatrist best known for her work on gender identity disorder in children.[not in citation given. She has written many journal articles and books, including Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents (with Kenneth Zucker) and Affect Regulation and the Development of Psychopathology. Bradley was Chair of the DSM-IV Subcommittee on Gender Disorders. Bradley served as Head of the Division of Child Psychiatry and was Psychiatrist-in-Chief at the Hospital for Sick Children and was consultant psychiatrist at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. She is a Professor Emerita in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Toronto and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.”

    Pedophilia is considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. It too is a learned behavior where the pedophile somewhere received the wrong signals as to what is considered acceptable normal behavior.

    Here is a link to an article in WebMD that provides more information.

    Mental Health Center

    What Is Pedophilia?
    Answers to common questions about pedophiles and pedophilia.

  • We are lawyers!

    We are all lawyers! We will prove whatever works in our favour, as the right thing to do. If homophobia is normal, then so should all other - pedophilia, prostitution, humans-sex-with-animals, etc - should be normal ! We live in a society where majority rules! Politicians understand this, business folks understand this, religious leaders understand this and so does the devil. All politicians support any agenda that would give them the votes they need to be in power. This is no different than the Syria situation, where the president believes he can and has killed his own people to achieve his personal agenda.

  • Identical twin studies disprove "born that way" claim

    Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.

    Identical twins have the same EXACT genes or DNA.

    In 2002 Bearman and Brueckner studied tens of thousands of adolescent students in the U.S. The same-sex attraction concordance between identical twins was only 7.7% for males and 5.3% for females

    Every major study on this subject has concluded with similar results.

    Therefore, we know that homosexuals could not have been born that way. And since nature intended for heterosexual unions to be normalized in order to perpetuate the species, we can conclude that homosexuality is abnormal behavior and harmful to the survival of the species.

  • Of course it is

    So much delusion by the pro gays. People are born heterosexual - a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina. Heterosexuality is normal, homosexuality isn't. Biology is a pure science, it is based on fact, not the fictional theories people invent to try and feel better about their homosexuality.

    Try and resist your urges and live a normal life people. Show a bit of spine and don't give in to your desires so easily. If everyone gave in to their desires there would be no families and a chaotic society.

  • Absolutely not, and psychologists agree.

    Homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) as a mental disease for a reason- it isn't one. It is a normal position on the human sexuality spectrum, and can be seen in over a thousand other species on Earth. The biological component is also far and away stronger than environmental components to sexuality.
    This claim also fails to take into account that, like heterosexuality, homosexuality only involves attraction between adults capable of consent. The lack of ability to consent is why bestiality and pedophilia are considered mental diseases.
    By this flawed logic, heterosexuality should be considered a mental disease since it too has both biological and environmental components.

  • People can change any of their desires that they want

    The more people become apathetic and complacent and the more people choose to define their traits as "just who they are" and give up on trying to change anything the more science will show a higher rate of heritability because separating twins isn't good enough to filter out environmental effects which are widespread, and some forms of beliefs or ultimately anything related to society that people interact with which may or may not be correct/the best way are so widespread that even a study that looks at culturally separated twins even from the United States to China might still have environmental effects obscured due to shared environmental influences.

    I'm not saying people should change their sexual orientation unless that's what they want to do. The fact that even with the limitations of twin studies science shows genetic correlation is not 100% means that homosexuality is likely to be a choice or more specifically "Chooseable", you may start with a default setting but you don't have to keep it. "Pedophilia" probably works the same way except it hurts others so a responsible person feeling such things will seek to analyze their mind and notice which sorts of experiences they personally find disgusting and then mentally link those experiences with their fantasies so that they don't like them anymore while finding new acceptable stimulatory outlets. Everything we do serves a rational purpose that we are sometimes unaware of and is sometimes only "rational" in light of a narrow range of what we know. By analyzing our subconscious desires we can get to the root of them and manipulate them so they serve the whole of our needs. If someone finds for example that someone has a winning personality to live the rest of their life with but they are the wrong gender I don't see what's wrong with just trying to change one's sexual orientation. You can change any of your desires by just analyzing it deeply, the problem is that many people trip up when they do this and in the end you need some solid grounds to base your redesiring on or else you'll get confused about what and why to redesire.

    Our feelings are in the end just information and we choose what we give value to. Don't be a slave to your feelings, whip them into shape as you must to serve your self.

  • Homosexuality is perversion

    Homosexuality is just another form of perversion our society has came up with. In the Bible it says people will find new ways to sin. And this is one of them. Homosexuality is unnatural and sickening to be truthful. You dont see the animals being homosexual do you? And their as natural as it gets! To say homosexuality is a mental disorder is basically calling gay people mental and insane. I disagree. Homosexuals either cant get a mate of the opposite sex or have been taught to like the same sex by television or books.

  • Hahahaha are you freaking serious?

    First of all, it's 100% part of nature. Not at ALL nurture. Homosexuality is not a choice, it can not be taught, it can only be a natural thing that comes to a person.

    Say you know someone who is homosexual, if you could travel back in time and take that homosexual as a baby and put him in a different household than the one he grew up in, no matter what the atmosphere or view of the parents, that person is still gonig to be homosexual.

    It's not a mental disease because it's not mental either, attraction is physical.

    It's not a mental disease because homosexuality is jsut the opposite of heteosexuality so to say that homosexuality is a disease is to say that heterosexuality is a disease when in reality neither are and they are both very common in all kinds of people.

  • So does anything else.

    The fact that one trait is the result of nature and nurture doesn't make one a disease. IQ can both be the result of natural talent as well as mental practice, so does the musical skill, cookery skill, logical thinking. Each of the human brain is unique in its own way, thus "abnormality" always occurs at each and everyone brain. The fact that make one a disease and other not is that it caused "harmful" effect otherwise it is not (like how tumor is considered a disease while growing muscle is not).

  • In the same way....

    if a learned nature and behavior is to a mental disease. If a result of nature or nurture is deemed negative then in truth it should be called a mental disease but if the resulted possibly leads to a some sort of satisfaction which does not occur through disease, unless you take some pleasure form being diseased, then the affect is not a mental disease.

  • Homosexuallity is a perversion

    People have always found new ways to sin... Its in the Bible. People always want to do the wrong thing. Look at children for example. You have to teach them to do right because they are always trying to do wrong. Homosexuality is a perversion. You don't see the animals having sex with other animals of the same sex do you? Its an unnatural perversion. Not a disease or birth defect. Homosexuals either cant get a mate of the other sex or are convinced the other way is better by TV or music or maybe even novels.

  • Mental disorder it is not

    The simple argument that pedophilia and homosexuality can both be brought about through nature or nurture, thus they should be similarly classified seems decent. The thing I think it misses is that by classifying two attraction types that start at a young age you would need to include others, this same argument can just as easily be applied to heterosexuality. Mental disorder is also complicated, something isn't a disorder unless it brings about distress to you or harm to others, some homosexuals then do have a mental disorder relating to their sexual identity as they try to live their lives by religious codes that might say they are bad people but they don't otherwise think of themselves as bad. On the topic of pedophilia, having sex with a pre-pubescent child is always doing harm to another, so its easier to classify it as a mental disorder, but there do exist pedophiles that never act on their attraction and presumably live somewhat fulfilling lives regardless. In those cases it's less a mental disorder and more another aspect of their identity.

  • If this is true it must be true for heterosexuality too.

    It's very simple: if nature and nurture decide whether you are gay or not than of course it does also dictate whether you are heterosexual or not. So is heterosexuality a disease too? By this definition it must be as we all are nurtured some way and all have a genetic make up too (nature)....

  • Consider the question

    In order for homosexuality to be a disease, it would have to present adverse effects to the individual "sufferer." The only adverse effects that we can seem to diagnose is that of persecution by religious fanatics and homophobics. Each of those things also happens to be persecuted against. By simple logical continuation, if homosexuality is a mental disease, so are religion and homophobia.

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GWL-CPA says2013-05-03T01:17:03.230
Skeptikitten replied to jackjackson's opinion May 1 2013 09:02 PMReport Post
The science has actually shown that homosexuality is mostly biological and inborn. We see it in over a thousand other species. Homosexuality can not be changed by medication and food. This is one of the most stupid things I've heard in a while.

You are so full of it lady. You are one of the stupidest people I have heard in years. Science has not show that homosexuality is mostly biological and inborn. The gay gene has been discredited. And, other species do not practice homosexuality. They are animals that are following instincts. Where so you get this BS?
MasturDbtor says2013-05-03T03:50:31.413
Why is there this dichotomy that it's either inborn or due to bad environmental influences? Why could homosexuality not be due to innocuous environmental influences? Are there any studies on the relationship between innocuous environmental influences and homosexuality and if not then how can we know anything yet? The psychological researchers need to get to work on that.
MasturDbtor says2013-05-03T03:52:05.173
The world is a lot more complex than people think. People always want to know the one true cause of things but even for say allergies there are multiple causes. Room temperature can influence whether or not an allergic reaction takes place. The vast majority of things if not all things are multi-causal.