If homosexuals are confined only to unions with other homosexuals, would there be no gay people within a few generations?

Asked by: Crescendo
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  • Virtually none, but not all.

    If you believe that homosexuality is genetic (and therefore immutable), then the answer would have to be 'yes'. But given that same-sex attraction is environmental, people can develop such attractions wherever such an environment is present. In short, homosexuals are not born, they are made. Therefore, even in the absence of other homosexuals, people can still develop same-sex attraction.

  • So much wrong with is.

    Firstly, that's completely redundant. Gay people are only going to be marrying other gay people anyway.

    Secondly, Ambassador and Cresendo are wrong. It IS genetic. Geneticists believe it's genetic. I'm going to go with geneticists. But it's not heritable. There are other things that can influence genes. For example, the more older brothers you have, the more likely you are to be gay. That's not an environmental factor. It has to do with hormones that a mother develops over time. These hormones influence the fetus' development. Which could actually be an evolutionary tool to deal with overpopulation.

    There is no evidence that environmental factors play any role in sexual orientation and no evidence that gay people have more gay children that straight people. There is every reason to believe that it has to do with brain development while still in the womb.

    Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, observed both in humans as well as throughout the animal kingdom. It's not going anywhere.

  • No, I Don't Think So

    This would be true if homosexuality were merely a genetic thing, as many people like to claim. However, that's not what it is. Therefore, there will always be new "gay" people springing forth from the various corners of the Earth, especially in the last days. One more sentence so I can post.

  • They would reproduce just to have a population

    In ancient Greece homosexual men still took wives, purely for the sake of having babies. In fact that was basically the role of a woman was to create hiers for men. Now we even have IVF technology but even without it people would just have straight sex for the sake of babies while having gay relations on the side.

  • Homosexuals can reproduce.

    I swear the ignorance these days. Anyways homosexuality is natural which is defined by occuring in nature. Not just in humans but in animals as well. No one is " made gay, or learns to be" attraction works on a biochemical level Thus no matter how much a straight person wants to be gay they cant( having sex with the same sex does not make one gay, it is attraction( if such was true victims of gay rape would all turn gay, obviously not true.))

    Though i may be gay i can reproduce in many way.... I can simply have a threesome with a girl and guy involved, use a turkey baster, or simply watch porn while i have sex with a chick. Its really simple people. Apparently people are ignorant of IBT as well.

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