If human cloning was deemed safe, should it be allowed?

  • That will stop at least a huge amount of human trafficking

    Human cloning is more complicated than one can imagine.
    This doesn't mean we should deny using it as making spare ribs, bones, blood... Etc'
    It could save people with cancer and stop human trafficking and kidney thief s... Etc'

    A fully human cloning is a more complicated question for me to answer.

  • Well, why not?

    I operated under the general principle that everything should be allowed by default, and then restricted for explicit reasons. If something is safe (i.E. Causes no harm) then I'm at a loss as to why it should be restricted. I am somewhat hating this word count limitation. Maybe I don't need 50 words to say what I need to say.

  • Yes if safe it should be allowed

    Human cloning may be the next stage in human health and evolution. If it is found to be safe it should be explored. We may be able to save thousands of lives with human cloning. People living longer, being less sick would only lead to a better world for all.

  • It is Our Evolutionary Right

    Mankind has reached the top of the food chain. We have of course deemed ourselves worthy of our own existence. Now to take this a step further we should fully clone those are even more worthy among the humans to clone and keep the legacy alive for our races future.

    Cloning could be used to send clones for dangerous missions or explorations such as Space Colonization and we can have Human Test Data instead of metaphorical.

    As heartless as this may sound, Clones will still have a live. They will still be human. We could genetically engineer them to fill in roles in Society that those with the freedom of choice might not fill.
    For example a quota of clones for teachers a quota for scientist, a quota for soldiers. It will advance our race, and flourish among others. So that we one day might lay our seeds in other celestial bodies

  • I guess so.

    If it was safe, I also don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. Plus, identical DNA does not mean the same exact personality. As for overpopulation, with the amount of resources present today and people, we're not there yet. Although more complex DNA cloning requires additional work and results in a low success rate, if it was safe, then sure, why not? I'd love to see a successful human clone.

    Posted by: dwn
  • It is not safe

    Humans should not be cloned there should only be one of them not millions of them some people are unique they dont want to be cloned or less they want a twin or need a friend to be with because they feel only are sad and need someone to talk to!!!

  • The creation of a human being is not in our hands.

    The creation of a human being happens between a man and a woman in fertilization, and that shouldn't be left up to some science experiment.
    If human cloning were possible, only the selfish would do it. Reclone their kid, take away the features they don't like, all of that nonsense. No, human cloning in our day and age would be more of a nightmare than a blessing.

  • No; the population is big enough as it is

    There are already too many people on this planet. 7 billion is a massive number; imagine 10 or even 20 billion!! If human cloning was safe, it should ONLY be used on a small level, with the primary goal of cloning being to supply the needs of the population, eg cloning sheep and cows for food.

    Also, the clones probably wouldn't be treated too well. Like I said before, we're running out of space; it would be more than likely the clones would be deposited at the bottom of the pile.

    And thirdly, it would cause conflict. Imagine having a clone of you walking around the house, helping your parents out and flirting with your girlfriend. The feelings of hate and anger towards the clones would be immense and would, eventually, come to define you. This anger would lead to mistreatment of the clones; wouldn't it be better for everyone if they had never existed??

    In addition, clones would be pointless. Technology is at the point of surpassing our own abilities; in a few years we will use machines to work for us. Therefore more blue-collar workers would be unnecessary and only put more strain on the resources we have.

    In conclusion, I think cloning would be a brilliant thing to supply the needs of the population, but human cloning, even if it was safe, would do more harm than good.

  • No, I don't think human cloning is ethical.

    Human cloning doesn't seem ethical. There's really no reason to do it, other than for selfish reasons. For example, some people talk about doing this for organ harvesting, which would be wrong and immoral toward the clone. And why would an older person want a younger version of themselves; basically a twin that is years younger? There are too many ethical reasons against it. Just because something is possible (which it isn't, yet), doesn't mean it's ethical and should be done.

  • Human cloning is morally wrong

    Cloning a full human being and then "harvesting" parts is morally wrong. Cloning nerves, tissues etc. without creating a fully functional being is one thing, but essentially creating a person and then not allowing that person to live his or her life is another. The technology create a clone is amazing, but should not be abused.

  • No human cloning

    Because some people would go crazy with power and/or clone too many copies of them so they could be in several places at once. People could us this to do many terrible things such as stealing top secret information, to be in several places at once and so on. This could be very bad for everyone.

  • Less opportunity would lead to more poverty and crime.

    Once cloning reaches such an extreme level, there will be more competition in the world. If one would to take the route of enslaving clones, eventually, there will be another crisis based on clone rights. It is just way to complicated and not worth any of it. The world is overly-populated enough.

  • No it shouldn't.

    A person should not be replicated or cloned. This just isn't a good idea. For one thing, the earth is already over populated. So, we really shouldn't create more people to take up room. We should still have children, within reason, but clones are not a good idea because they can create problems.

  • Answer The Moral Questions First

    I believe it is probably sage to clone humans now. I think that technology is more than likely available. I do not, however believe it should be allowed. I believe cloning raises a lot of moral and ethical questions that we have not yet answered, and probably far more that we have not even thought of. I think it is important for us, as a society, to openly discuss the moral and ethical problems associated with human cloning before we start doing it.

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