If i said that christians on this sight are either irrational or not willing to debate would you say thats accurate?

Asked by: steffon66
  • I think some of the christians on this sight need to drink the koolaid already.

    Lol i havent gotten any good logical rebuttals to any of the points i have made. I came to this sight to understand the christian faith and other faiths and i still think these faiths are ridiculous. Ive done research and heard what theologians have said about things and they dont make sense to me. It seems to me that most people dont know anything more than i know they are just too cocksure to say they dont know like me. Truth is people dont know whether or not there is a god. They all describe a different god so how many of them can actually know god? We laugh at our ancestors beliefs and then form crazy beliefs of our own that our descendants will laugh at too. Why cant we finally end the chain and say i dont know. It wouldnt bother me so much if christians said i dont know if there is a god or not but i think the christian god is real. They pretend to know. Well then why do they call their knowledge faith? Faith implies uncertainty. Im steffon reminding you to hurry up and drink that f ing koolaid.

  • They argue fine

    The Christian arguments are fine on this sight. They are just as good as atheist debates. Evolution is a theory, and according to atheists The Christian belief is a theory too. I don't think any of the arguments on religion of either side have been very good they seem to be about equal. It comes down to this eventually there is a God because I believe in one and then the other side says no there is not because I believe there is not one. If someone is going to say that Christians are irrational than I think the atheists are just as irrational and when it comes to whether or not they will debate the answer is yes because I have read numerous Christian debates.

  • I put this here on the No side, but really its a yes and No answer.

    There are multiple theists on this site that refuse to engage atheists in a debate. Even when the offer is made multiple times. I think some theists in this category do not care about the truth and are completely irrational, even so that you get hell threats sometimes.

    On the other hand, I have also found very rational theists on this site who are prepared to engage atheists on very specific topics. Which is far more beneficial in that you can address specific doctrines etc.

    Now whether a theists faith is rational is not part of this question, so yes and no there are rational and irrational theists on this site.

  • Anyone can be irrational, but Christians can be unwilling to debate because...

    You do not have to be a Christian to be irrational. Christians rationalize their faith and their support/arguments on controversial topics based off of the bible, their church statutes, as well as their own ideas and experiences. Anyone atheist or of some other religion can base their rationality off of what they believe in or have learned, as well as their own personal beliefs. And it is not that some Christians are not willing to debate, it is just that when a Christian debates something pertaining to their faith or morality, they are usually rejected or ridiculed when doing so. If a Christian and an atheist debate religion or some controversial topic that one of them opposes, they are usually not going to be persuaded to each other's side through argument. Christians and atheists see each other's arguments as IRRATIONAL. Most Christians listening to this (hypothetical) debate would most likely side with the Christian, while many of the non-Christians would be in favor of the atheist. Both sides can make their point, but they will not accept each other's points. Basically, if there was a debate between a Christian and an atheist at some (make-believe) atheist convention, the atheists in the room have ALREADY sided with the atheist. And let us be honest, most of us have already heard Christian arguments because many of them are based off the bible, which has been around for centuries. Although atheists have been around for centuries as well, we currently live in a modern time where there is tolerance for those who do or do not believe in a god (unlike centuries ago where atheists were ridiculed and punished), as well as scientific theories supporting the idea of why there is no god. And in general, saying that someone's entire belief (which could have been around for CENTURIES), Christianity or not, is a very touchy subject. It's more than a "boarding schools are better than day schools" argument, or the idea of "banning junk food from schools". Both religious and non-religious people debate their beliefs CONSTANTLY, but some are more willing to debate or listen than others. Ultimately, someone's defense about their faith may seem to work in one person's eyes, and utterly fail in another's. Sometimes, it even seems pointless to try if you already know what someone else against you will think or say.

  • Perhaps if you made a qualification for it, it would be.

    To say "Christians" is the same as saying "All Christians" but all Christians on this site are not irrational, some of them are actually quite rational. It actually gets a little bit hard to know who is what on this site, as some people make arguments on both sides, and sometimes people's profiles don't show their religious beliefs.

    As for not willing to debate, the same applies. We'd have to do a survey to determine the accuracy of that statement. No one person could have interacted with a sufficient enough number of people to actually make that determination unless they've been here for several years.

  • Both statements are wrong.

    I myself am a christian, and love to put for my best ability to give a rational and understandable debate. I am always willing to debate, and am not afraid to say "I don't know at the moment" then get back to you when I have a rational and more clear answer.

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