If I told you to please vote yes below, Would you do it?

Asked by: TinyDinosaur
  • I'm doing what I asked myself to do

    Because I asked myself to vote yes then I will vote yes since I am the very same person who is requesting people to perform an action to which I have to uphold myself to the same standard in order to be a positive role model and prove that I am willing to do what I ask of others.

  • I'm in charge.

    You simply don't have the right to tell me to do anything. The question gives mixed and confusing signals as it both orders "told" and asks "please". If asked and given something I agree with, I might vote "yes" but being told to do something without purpose is telling a person to give up their choice without cause.

  • No I choose my own path

    This is only a yes and no so I can only do the opposite of what you tell me to do.
    If this was a multiple choice I would pick a side that is unpopular.
    Why? I do not know is it because I want to be rebellious or I feel dangerous I do not know so people just want to be different

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