If im white and dont want to live in a black neighbor hood does that make me racist?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Of Course You Are

    Saying that you don't want to live in a neighborhood because most of the people are black is racist. There may be other reasons to not want to live in that neighborhood that are actually valid (i.E. High crime rates), but saying that it's because of black people is racist. So, to sum it up, you are racist and that makes you a bad person. Sorry the truth hurts.

  • Heck yes it is racist

    Ok, soooo it's being racist because you are pulling away from an entire race is racist! It doesn't matter the reason! If u are a type of race and another race moves away from you because of the skin that is racist my friend. So yeah. Sorry but the truth isn't always pretty

  • Honestly? Not really.

    "a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others."
    Being racist means feeling one race is superior/inferior to another. Saying that you don't want to live in a black neighborhood does not necessarily imply that, and there could be many legitimate reasons why you don't want to live there. Typically black neighborhoods are not very good for obvious reasons (actual racism has caused disadvantages these people financially, hence high crime rates) and it would make sense to live somewhere that is financially better.
    If you said something like "I wouldn't want a black neighbor" THAT would be pretty racist because there would be no other reason in that statement for not wanting them other than their race.
    But then again, the reason for not wanting to live there is not directly stated.
    At its worst I'd say assuming that black people would be racist against you is a little racist, but we could say the same (and have it be more true) about a black person in a white neighborhood.

  • Choice is what life is about.

    We are all allowed to chose what we want in life. There will always be those that disagree with your choice, but society is the one that labels each choice. What does it matter what people think when it comes to where you want to live. I will choose to retire overseas, does that mean I hate Americans?

  • It depends on the reason.

    Being racist means that you find a race inferior and that you find your race superior to others. If that is the reason behind you not wanting to go to a black neighborhood then yes you are racist. However if that is not the reason then you aren't a racist.

  • Depends on your reasoning

    Is it a bad neighborhood or not? I dont understand why it would make a difference the color of your neighbors skin color is as long the area is safe and quiet. Its racist if you think yo need to move because you should have a better house than them. Perhaps the cultural differences make you uncomfortable but n, thats still not racism. You have a right to move where you feel safest. Now, its a good neighborhood and you sfkll dont feel safe because theyre black, that can be hurtful and stereotyping.

  • Not necessarily. There are other acceptable reasons.

    The most obvious reason living in a neighborhood like that is bad is because after so long of being treated as inferior, the black community is still financially struggling, To live with large numbers of poor people is not a great idea- being poor can make people out of necessity commit crimes.

    If your reason is that, or similar, it's not.
    If it's about racial preference, it is racist.

  • They Don't Care

    IMO racism is only truly racist if it offends someone or affects someone. By not living in their neighbor hood you are doing the better thing and avoiding somewhere you wouldn't want to be. You may be racist for other reasons and things that you do, but I don't want to live in an all female sorority (ewww sleepovers). Does that make me sexist? No.

  • No not really

    I am Half White and Half Black, and I live in a Black Neighborhood and want to leave badly. For one thing, my neighborhood is riddled with NOISE POLLUTION....Its everyday starting with a street vendor selling music across the street from my building in the early afternoon, to the thugs hanging out at night blasting their music. This occurs every day and I can't have any peace. I know for a fact, this would never happen in a White Neighborhood, Chinese Neighborhood and even YES an Hispanic Neighborhood....In Hispanic neighborhoods, if they do blast music, it sure as hell is no where near where people live.

    Not to mention when it gets hot out, my Neighborhood turns into a war zone so no it does not make you racist in my opinion for not wanting to live in a Black Neighborhood.

  • No, not at all.

    I want to live where I'm safe. In a white neighborhood I can walk down the street without worrying I'll get mugged or shot. In a black neighborhood I can't do that. Look at the statistics, black neighborhoods have more crime and poverty. It's the truth. How is it racist to not want to live around that?

  • No not really

    Let's face it, people of different races don't really want to integrate. It's not a bad thing, it's just the way it is. It is human nature to gravitate towards what is familiar and comfortable. It's not that any one culture or race is inferior to another, it's just that there are cultural differences that are never going to be completely overcome. It certainly will never be overcome by attempting to guilt and shame each other for expressing honest thoughts. The first thing is to stop pretending that we aren't biased and accept that everyone is biased.

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