If I'm white and I want to live in a black neighborhood, Does that make me antiracist?

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  • It makes you racist.

    White people are destructing Black neighborhoods. Just the fact that you didn't capitalize 'B' in Black clearly shows that you only want to move in as a perfomative stunt which will lead to further gentrification, Destroying a vibrant Black community that is there. You are not anti-racist, You are a filthy white supremacist.


  • I agree with cmacynsk2

    Just keeping to yourself has not worked.
    A lot of people record on their phones but not a lot of people do anything. It is good that we have video evidence, But too many people are inactive bystanders.
    Same with bullying and workplace harassment. So many people just see things happening and say to themselves not to get involved.
    This is why the world is the way it is.
    How many secretaries know what their bosses do? How many workers see how their coworkers are?
    How many people don't speak up about the behavior of people?
    They are more worried about the image of the abuser than standing up for the victim.
    Black White Asian Hispanic Male female. I don't care I do not want to injustices made to people.

  • You gotta do more

    Living among black people ain't enough. That's just not racist. If your living in a black neighborhood and being Mr. Nice Guy to everyone, The your not racist but it doesn't make you anti-racist. Anti Racists take stands against injustice while non racists are just bystanders that are nice to everyone.

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