If irreversible technological unemployment is real, is basic income unavoidable?

Asked by: KhanneaSunTzu
  • Yes this is correct.

    Technological unemployment has been real since the advent of the microprocessor, having wildly larger computational power has resulted in record productivity for companies. Thus we see a decoupling between rises in productivity and rises in wages/incomes.

    Using the logical argument of technology creating new sectors of jobs was once accurate, but now is currently fallacious. Because of advanced computer algorithms that can successfully reproduce previously unreproducible human cognitive abilities.

    So now we have an environment that can successfully rid itself of human labor both physical and cognitive. New formation of monetary distribution system required. Basic income seems to be the logical choice. Basic income would start relatively small say 20k then over decades work itself into higher amounts as vast swathes of employment sectors are erased due to automation, mechanization and computerisation.

    Another alternative is to incentivize previously unpaid positive social behavior, but I seriously doubt humans are capable of such a thing at this present time.

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