If Islamic women have to wear a veil, shouldn't the men have to as well?

  • Say what you want to say. A man has a penis, a woman has a vagina and breasts. Thay's the only difference.

    They should have the same rights everywhere. Instead of convincing or force women to wear hijab in order to escape from excited men's gaze, we should teach MEN to lower their gaze and respect women. Anyone who says otherwise is a sexist and a selfish asshole. CONTROL YOURSELVES instead of putting a veil on OUR bodies.

  • Either all wear it or none do...

    I think telling one half of the population to wear a veil while the others don't is double standards. In truth I think no-one should have to hide behind a black mask, but people do all manner of insane things in the name of religion.
    I also think it is absurd to say only men have desire and will act on that desire (can't the majority of men control themselves anyway? Do they need to be restrained like crazed animals?) and that women have no thoughts of sex at all...

  • In theory, yes.

    Islam, to my understanding, instructs women to cover to prevent unwanted attention. So, in theory, the same should go for men. It is true that Islam does have modesty requirements for both genders, but more strict for females. Most people would agree that everyone, both men and women, are subject to occasional lustful thoughts so, in theory, we should all protect ourselves from unwanted attention, regardless of gender. I see it as less of an equality issue and more of an issue of self respect and respect for the body God gave you. Everyone should be modest.

  • Equality and keeping up with modern times

    The Hijab and other such garments were worn in 6th century middle-eastern countries as it was a cultural and possible environmental practice (sunburn etc.). The Koran also stated that these garments were worn to protect women from the lust filled stares of men. Men can induce lust in a woman just as easily, and to argue that women have more self-control then men is just sexist

  • Hijab for women doesn't make sense

    Hijab is outdated in some parts of the world. Women would stand out more and be discriminated against if they wore hijab on their heads in some places in the world.In these instances, hijab does not protect women like a "precious pearl". If men want women to wear hijab, they should wear them on their own heads!

  • Men aren't sex freaks!

    As a muslim i feel that Islam portrays Men as Sex driven animals. If a women needs to cover herself so do men! I support when who choose not to wear the hijab, they're are not sinners, they are just keeping up with times. Islam needs to stop living in the 6th century!

  • Men are sexy too!

    Telling a man he only has to cover from navel to knee can not be right. As a woman, the sexiest part of a man is the chest and shoulder area. Yes, women look, we want intimacy and sex too. Hence why we also have one night stands and affairs. Are you telling me if the FARD was not navel to knee you men would run around naked?? We don't care about who is bigger down there, that is your preoccupation. Hence why I think this rule was man-made. A man presuming what women think is sexy. The Quran speaks equally on modesty, just most don't follow. They prefer handed down stories. I don't think men should have to wear a scarf, but long sleeve shirts and loose pants. I have seen too many brothers wearing skinny jeans.

  • Yes I think men should as well

    I think men should wear something like muslim women does. Because then it will be equally it is unfair that some people get forced to wear a hijab everyday like me. It’s unfair men can wear what they want but women can’t because we have to cover ourself. Like women have to cover there breast men have something to cover there penis

  • Veiled or not veiled, Women, Too, Have desires.

    I support the argument that also men should wear modest clothing, Since women, Too, (married or non married) have eyes to appreciate a good-looking man.
    Moreover, I am totally against those saying that hijabi women are less "flirty" and that hijab makes women become more modest in attitude and thought: there are many girls at my university who wear hijab and still comment on how good-looking certain guys are, While other girls (non-muslim ones), Who still dress modestly and without a headcover, Are way more shy than them.

  • If women have to wear the a veil, Shouldn't the men have to as well?

    Perhaps if men wore the veil, They would appreciate how much it cuts them off from main stream society. If it's so important to men, Then support it by this means. It seems very young girls are being conditioned from an earlier age nowadays, To wear this clothing too. Why?

  • Understand Islam First

    First of all, they are not required to wear veils. They have to wear hijabs (a headscarf) and clothing that doesn't reveal body shape or expose alot of skin. The face showing is perfectly fine. And then comes the reason for hijabs. Hijabs are worn so that muslim women are not judged based on their hair, body, or the amount if skin they show, but rather their persoanlity. The inner beauty shines more and is held in more importance with hijabs, and women aren't judged based on the shape of their body or how their hair looks like.

    The reason mean don't wear headscarves is simply because in truth men wear hijab. Hijab means modesty. Men's hijab is covering the belly button to the knee. This is because in Islam men are required to work, no matter what. Women have an option or choice in that case. In many jobs, such as farmers, contruction workers, or even merchants (selling stuff under the scorching sun was basically a shop back then) and this requires some of those body parts to show.

    The media paints the image of muslim women being oppressed. This image that most people have painted in their minds is rather false and they don't know the true meaning of hijab or its reason.

  • It is there beliefs...

    Do I barge into your home and force you to watch the same tv show as your husband? No, this is based on cultural, and religious beliefs... If they follow said religion or said culture, they have to follow its practices. We cannot try to change there lives because we find it "rude" or "prejudice."

  • Men wear a different type of veil.

    A common misconception is that women in Islam wear the veil to protect themselves FROM men.....However, muslim women wear the veil to protect themselves FROM themselves. People judge women by how they look, no matter the race, color or religion. Therefore, she must guard and protect it. However, when it comes to men, people judge them by what they say, and how they act- meaning their character. Therefore, men also have to guard and protect it. Islam helps women protect themselves through the veil which covers their beauty. Islam helps men protect themselves through the example of prophets,for example, prophet Ayyub (peace be upon him) who taught patience, and also through teachings of the prophet (for example;not letting the trousers sag below the ankle). In a way even men wear the hijab, except their hijab protects not their beauty but their character.

  • Men and women aren't the same

    Men doesn't have to wear hijab because simply they don't care much like women about how they look like or how their hair or body look . Women look so attractive when they show their skin in skirts, shorts, shirts,........But men then don't look any attractive when they wear shorts or short sleeved.THat is why they don't have to wear.

  • It's not only Islamic

    Let me start first by saying that there is nowhere in the Qur'an or the Hadith that forces the women to wear the hijab. Women only have to dress modestly, as per surah 24:30-31.

    The reason why most Muslim women wear the hijab is mainly due to the culture they're in. The hijab was actually worn before the advent of Islam in the Middle East, by the Persians and the Assyrians. That's why most Muslim women from that area will wear the hijab, because it's so commonplace. Likewise, Muslim women who are brought up in the West will usually wear Western clothing.

  • Muslim woman don't have to wear a veil.

    They are required to dress modestly and some scholar say this includes the head covering. There are restrictions on men one being they should wear pants covering their knees. Men have less to cover than women. Is it unfair? Some may see it as that, or you can look at it as Muslim women having more protection. Some go overboard with nikab (the part that covers the face) and wearing all black. This is NOT required by the religion.

  • But I would agree in a heartbeat to us all wearing veils

    Seriously, if all I had to do was wear a veil and all women would do the same, I would be thrilled to do so. I am a man and am thoroughly sick to exhaustion of being constantly bombarded with an army of seductresses. I feel 50 years older than I am. Cover the women up and I could almost pretend they're not there. Freedom.

  • I dunno but I don't feel like I am opressed.

    I started to wear the hijab when I was 10 years old because my friends wore it. They wore it because their friends wore it. Then we all wore it. Some people say it's not fair that men don't need to wear the headscarf but wearing the headscarf is not even like bad and hard to wear. I am actually kind of relieved that I don't need to go to the mosque every friday or to be circumcised etc. I actually don't really care about what men wear. They can wear the veil if they want to.

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