If Israel attacks Iran, should the U.S. get involved?

  • yes we should

    Even though most people would hate to go to war again for many reasons I think that we need to support one of our biggest Allie. I think that if they need help we need to help them to keep our alliance, and I think that our alliance is fading away slowly.

  • I agree that we should, for the reasons below...

    I know that this is a hot topic in our nation right now, but allow me to explain why any backing of Israel in this event is beneficial to us as a whole.
    1) Israel has been a long time major ally of the United States, and in many other wars the United States has protected its own (aka France, England, South Vietnamese etc), so why stop now?
    2) Whether you are a Christian or not, you must consider the aspects and outlook fort the future. As we all well know, Iran has been building up its nuclear arms for years now. Therefore, since they have openly threatened to destroy a fellow nation that has done nothing wrong openly and has the capability to do so in the near future, I would not blame Israel for acting in this form of self defense by attacking first. And think about this: If Iran destroys Israel, who is to stop other regions in the area surrounding Iran will fall under the Iranian yoke? Supporting Israel, whether it be financially or with soldiers, is in our best interests for the Middle East and is vital to our national security, in oreder to keep low the ifluence of the Iranians.
    3) Yes, I know that Israel needs approval from the surrounding Islamic nations or the UN for an air strike. Chances are that the UN nor another Muslim nation is going to allow this, and israel will do it anyway. The Islamic nations will back Iran, and Israel would be left alone. This type of war chances to be a nuclaer, or at the least a devestating war. We cannot afford, in any circumstance as a nation to let the Middle East to ascend into chaos whilst it remains a vital source of our income and fossil fuels; and thus, risk the US losing a stake in that resource whether we get involved or not. And if we do not intervene, I am confident that Israel's other allies in the UN would go to their aid as well if we do not, and, why should the United States, the leader of the free world, refuse to stand up for another nation that is attacking Iran for the sole reason of that they have been threatened, when the Iranians have been using fear and intimidation for advancment in the world for years.

    Yes, ik this is a very unpopular idea, but remember, that support/backing does not need to necessarilly be military, but it can also be in the form of aid in any other form as well (financial etc).

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  • I do not think that the United states will have any choice, Iran will attack the US anyway

    Iran the same as North Korea always boosts propaganda at attacking the US as well as Israel - this has been on a number of times.

    Also Iran will join North Korea to attack the world in world war 3 as it is a very expansionism country - this had been voiced numbers of times

  • Just work it out

    If Israel attacks Iran, the US should get involved. This is due to the fact that both countries are being completely insane. They are like brothers who refuse to speak to each other after a fight, except one brother is holding 300 nuclear warheads with a grand total of a 1000kg payload while the other brother is holding a broken shot gun... With no shells. Israel is dangerous and could cause major harm to the Iranian people. Even if Iran is picking a fight they wouldn't be able to handle the hell Israel would send them to; therefore, if this was to happen, the US would have to intervene to protect the lives of innocent citizens.

  • They are our allies

    We have always supported our allies over the last 200 years as a nation, why wouldn't we now? Now, we don't necessarily need a full occupation like we had in Iraq but we should still lend support towards Israel, Iran also poses a threat against the United States, it isn't like we are attacking an innocent nation, any means necessary should be taken on a country to defend the American people.

  • If Israel attacks Iran should the U.S. Get involved

    I dont see any of the people pushing for war with Iran volunteering their kids to fight and die for Israel. Lets face it, it is about oil, and most of all pleasing our masters in Tel Aviv. Why would Iran be the first to attack when they are surrounded by U.S. Bases? Has anybody stopped to notice that all these evil little countries we want to LIBERATE are sitting on a whole lot of oil? Look how happy the people in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan are since we 'liberated' them.

  • Not if they attack first

    If Israel attacks Iran without UN approval, then the U.S would lose much U.N support if they helped Israel. I know we are a nation that helps our allies, but it is usually when our allies are attacked, not the other way around. Not only that, but U.S involved in an alliance with Israel in the middle east could in fact start world war 3 with Russia and China, considering each has allies with Islamic countries in the Middle East. It would be better to just get out of the Middle East entirely and fight our own battles on our own soil.

  • Israel should not drag the US to fight its wars

    Because the US or any country should go to war only to defend itself from aggression from another country. This will stop small countries from dragging superpowers into war on their behalf. Why should the US go to war for Israel's sake anyway? Better for Israel to make a just peace with all its neighbours instead of bullying them knowing that the US will rubberstamp its behavior. The interests of Israel are different from the interests of the US.

  • For Israel to attack Iran they need the help of her neighbours, not the US.

    In order to launch air or missile strikes or Iran, Israel must seek permission to use the air space of either Jordan and Iraq, or Egypt and Saudi Arabia, depending on which route they follow, but it is unlikely that these countries would support an unprovoked military attack on a fellow Muslim state by Israel, even if they had political differences with Iran them. Therefore, Israel would need to violate the air space of her neighbours in order to reach Iran, even if an attack was pre-approved by the UN (which would be highly unlikely).

    The US should always be on the side of international law a never support the violation of one nation’s sovereign territory by another unless it has been expressly sanctioned in advance by the UN Security Council.

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Anonymous says2013-05-18T02:01:34.300
Where has israel aided u.S in war. Did she send troops to korea, or vietynam, or iraq or belgrade or afghanistan. No. She juist sucked up our money and threatrened everybody. Time to drop one on tel a viv and get rid of this sponge.