If it came down to it, would you vote for Clinton over Trump?

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  • Trump any day.

    Hillary Clinton is a liar. When you look at her past, all she has done is lie, blame republicans, and switch her views to support whatever the polls say Americans support. Remember when she was entirely against gay marriage? Remember when she supported NAFTA? Remember when she claimed that her husband's affair was a "right wing conspiracy"? And then there's Benghazi. She (along with Obama) tried to convince the people that is was a video on the internet that caused the violence on September 11, 2012, that led to the deaths of four Americans. One of her emails was recently released that said she KNEW there was no video involved. Benghazi was simply a result of the unpreparedness and incompetence of the administration in 2012.

    When you look at Donald Trump, at first glance, you'll see what looks like a racist, a sexist, and a temperamental person. Look a little deeper. Trump has hired thousands of Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims. And while Trump has mocked women, he'll mock men as well. The guy is the only politician out there who speaks his mind, all of the time, no matter what other people are going to think. He is a genuine person. That is what America needs right now. Not another establishment politician who is more focused on not offending people than actually getting stuff done. Trump does not know everything, but neither does any other politician. He will have an entire cabinet of advisors to consult if something comes up that he is unsure of. The guy speaks his mind, and he speaks the truth.

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