If it was revealed that there is a God, would you be a Christian (yes) or something else entirely (no)?

Asked by: Kerfluffer
  • My friends you seem to not realize that God has already revealed himself through his Son Jesus.

    I truly am saddened when I see people say how bad Christians are.Whe. The people they were talking about simply weren't Christians to begin with. Those who Kill and make fun of people in the name of Christ are simply not Christians. If you would like to see a real Christian then Just read the Bible and find out. Another thing I'd like to mention, if I may, is that Judging someone isn't necessarily bad. There is the right way to Judge and the wrong way. I'm truly sorry for those who call themselves christians but don't obey Jesus. Please forgive them. Thank and God bless

  • Yes but a true Christian

    I want to apologize to everyone because of all the wrong views you have of Christianity because of Christians. From the start of Christianity people who claim to be Christians have ruined it and done more harm to it more than any other person or religion. The church used to take money from poor people to build cathedrals in the name of God. Christians have fought wars like the crusades in the name of a God who so clearly states that you should not kill and should love your enemies. If atheists or other religions are considered our Christian's enemies now I'm sorry that Christians have been bad examples of Jesus to you and have shown you no love whatsoever.
    The God of the Bible is a loving God who wants peace, reconciliation and joy, but that is not what Christians show.... So yes I will be a Christian but more like Jesus and less like Christians today.

  • I'm already a Christian, so...

    If it was revealed that there is a God, I would be a Christian, because I already am. So... Nothing really would change for me. Of course, other religions also have a god or gods (Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, etc.) so they would probably stay the same too. I'm writing this last sentence because I need 50 words.

  • Is it was a Christian God, yes.

    I would definitely change my religion if the god was of Christianity. It would be stupid to ignore the evidence presented. However if it was a god, with no specifics added, I would have to do more research before I determine my religion. Currently I am an atheist if you could not tell. :)

    Have a nice day!

  • No. Christians need to realize.

    Christians don't seem to realize that just cause your not christian doesn't automatically mean you are a atheist. They don't see the many other religions. The word "God" is used for many different beliefs. I would agree if you used "Yahweh". But Christianity is to messed up to be right.

  • I would still be a moral nihilist

    If there is a God, then I would still not believe in any particular philosophy, whether of Christianity or humanism. Moral nihilism still makes the most sense to me whether there is a god or not. There's no meaning of life nor is there is any significance to anything we do.

  • Being moral is better than being Christian

    Look around at the behaviour of most Christians and it's obvious that if there is a heaven and hell then most Christians will be going to hell. You see them doing all sorts of immoral acts, from being judgemental of others without reason, to killing people, or tormenting people until they kill themselves and using the obviously-man-made bible to justify their actions, even to the point of twisting the meanings to suit whatever they want.

  • If God made himself known Christian is the last thing I'd want to be.

    I can't think of any single religion that could have given God more offence over the centuries. The first thing Christianity did was reverse all the teachings of Christ. Jesus preached non-materiality. Pat Robertson is all about helping you pad your stock portfolio. Jesus preached love thy neighbor. Christianity is about telling you who to hate. Jesus was down on idolatry. What else does Christianity ever do?

    Actually, I think God reveals himself to me everyday. I don't necessarily know him by that name, but given all the things I've survived that I had no right to expect to, somebody must be looking out for me.

    And somebody sends me good ideas when I need them. I've had more than my share of chats with the still small voice. More than my share of being miraculously put in the right place at the right time to learn something important, or to discover something I needed.

    Like I said, I don't normally call this thing that looks after me God. The Force is actually my preferred term for it. But I figure it's the same thing everyone in Christianity, Islam and all other religions are looking for.

    Beats the heck out of me when I run into a Christian who asks me what I'd do if God revealed himself. I'm like, "He's right here. How is it that you don't perceive him?"

  • IF! All of a sudden there were proof it wouldn't be the christian ideal of a god.

    A god being could not be the god of christians as that would require it be the sum of biblical representations of a god being which are document biblically as being mutually exclusive of itself. God commanded "thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal" and others then commanded the Hebrews to kill the inhabitants of lands and steal their lands. The old testament as derived from the Hebrew Bible states certain rules and requirements and the new testament letters state that you are no longer under the law.

  • It Would Not Be The Christian God, It Would Be Something Else Entirely Different, Maybe A Buddhist God, Since Buddhist Teachings Originated Christianity.

    The Christian God is so Extremely Unlikely that it cannot possibly be considered as an answer.
    Many of the Christian Teachings Of Jesus Originated from Confucius or Buddhism, so theirs is older and more likely the truth.
    Since Buddhism doesn't fake faith healing powers for it's founder like Christianity Gospel Writers Did For Jesus.
    If there ever is a god, it would be a natural part of the universe, not an Omni-Malevolent Usurper as the Biblical God Is.

  • Something else entirely.

    Because in spite of Christians' best hopes, the Bible is not reliable. If there is a God, it isn't the of the Abrahamic variety. The Bible contains bits of pieces of accurate history and useful wisdom, but for the most part it is filled with myth, built upon myth, built upon myth. It just isn't a good source of reliable information about history or God (if there is such a being).

  • Christian God is Real?

    If I found that the Christian God was real, I would NOT submit and become Christian, I would do the exact opposite and either be the anti-christ myself or would use all of my power and hopefully the power of others to destroy such a sadistic god, who has nothing better to do with his time than hope that all of his creations worship him. I would use the words of the Bible to describe this supposed 'god' to everyone who would most certainly join in on this mutiny in heaven. With any luck, the arrogant God of Abraham would realize how wrong he is to control people with fear and he would go away and let the rest of humanity live in peace and harmony as we did before people invented 'gods'.

  • Such a revelation is impossible.

    A more appropriate question would be, "If it came to appear that there was a god, would you become a Christian?" This is because logic, really, denies us any real truths as regards the world. To be logical, or rational, or what have you, is really to adhere to intelligent ignorance. All that is really known is experience; and, then, only by feeling. Take the movie The Matrix, for example: plausible, intellectually speaking, no? And then what if the movie's Architect had introduced a "God" into the program? The central mythological figures paid homage to by the Aboriginal tribes of Australia are Dreamers, basically. They refer to their spiritual beliefs as their "Dreaming". This, I think, is quite appropriate; much more down to earth, at least in essence, than many of the more prominent religions; and to hint at the futility of perception as a means of really understanding the world. All there is, really, is choice; and so I agree with another opinion posted here. It is better to be moral than to be religious, in my opinion.

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KingDebater says2014-01-12T18:41:13.493
It depends on what God was revealed. If it wasn't specified, the logical course of action would be to convert to deism.