If Jeb Bush becomes the next president could we give in to God's will that the Bush family is his choice for American leadership?

Asked by: mlibb
  • It is God's will that the United States be led by a Bush monarchy.

    In 2016 the people are going to choose Jeb Bush to be the next president. We have sinned by selecting a president with a left wing atheist agenda. We need to submit to God's will and select Jeb Bush as president and then change our government to keep him there. Should we do otherwise we'll see gays getting married and uneducated women getting abortions in order to escape their obligation to be a neglectful parent that can't support her child giving the church a chance to save them. Jeb Bush will be president because the church can't survive without a good monarch.

  • God wills that slavery be allowed. So, yeah, not a chance.

    I'll go ahead and use the entirety of the book Leviticus as evidence to the fact that God's will is the absolute last thing we should be basing our lives on. If God's will is to have a certain family be the new monarchs of a democratic country, then we need to file that one away with 'don't eat shellfish' and move on...

  • Separation of Church and State

    It isn't God's will for any of this because he gave us freedom of choice. Also Mlibb makes a lot of statements which go against the separation of church and State. Jeb Bush will not be the president because the people want change not strictness back to the early 1900's.

  • It may be in God's will, but not in His Moral Will

    Humans operate in God's will, though not always in His Moral Will. We can't just "give in " to it. It will either happen or it will not. With the way this question is worded, it seems as though its submitter is not very educated on the Will of God or the Bush Family.

  • If Jeb Bush gets in...

    Then we know the system is a joke.

    And it's a funny joke. Funny like a brain aneurysm. Seriously, if three Bush's get in we know the system is broken. That is not democracy. It's monarchy. Or, more accurately, Oligarchy out of control.

    In the words of George Bush "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we"

    And it may be God's will for us to rise up and say "Time to sit the Bush family down!"

  • Jeb Bush winning the White House doesn't mean that God approves of a Bush monarchy to lead America.

    It just means that he approves of Jeb. God's Will always prevails. Which means, it was by His intention or shall we say approval, that EVERY U.S. President has been elected. This would include Bill Clinton, who the GOP put through the impeachment process (as if none of them have ever lied and/or lied about sex). It would also include Obama who the GOP has dogged, since he won in 2008. And, if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, it would mean that a woman leading America was the WILL OF GOD. Imagine that!

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RaalTheWyvern says2014-05-07T14:01:56.700
I'm sensing some rather significant religious bias on the author's part...
Adam2 says2014-05-07T14:33:12.573
I think he's just being sarcastic, since he's an atheist
Seido says2014-05-07T15:27:08.817
I'm sensing a strong trolly vibe coming off of this post. Now I Just need to wait for the sister thread that says the same of the Clintons.