If Jesus was not really the Son of God, was his crucifixion justified?

Asked by: Jegory
  • Inasmuch as it would ever be justifiable.

    The whole idea of it being required as a condition for god's forgiveness is ridiculous. A higher power needing a blood sacrifice? A supposedly all knowing, all loving god, at that? Preposterous.

    It actually makes more sense that they felt justified, as Christ's ideas were a threat to the status quo, and the people were getting restless. At the time, that is how you kept the peace. Wrong by today's standards, of course.

    To be honest, given that it seems that it was the crucifixion that galvanized the people in their dedication to change over time, it was likely the worst thing that they could have done.

  • In those days it was

    Of course I don't morally agree with crucifixion, but back in those times it would have been justified if he was not the son of God. There had been many false prophets and once they would get as many followers as Jesus had the government leaders had them killed in order to maintain control.

  • He broke no laws

    Under no perspective could the crucifixion be considered a just one, He broke no Roman law. Pilot bent to the pressure of Jewish Rabbi that he had the authority to ignore. Jesus caused no unrest with the Roman Government, and even discouraged the use of the sword to up rise against whenever asked.

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Jegory says2013-07-05T06:36:57.250
I don't really have an opinion on this one, I'm just curious to see what you guys think.
mynd says2013-07-05T10:13:49.053
It's a loaded assumption within a question. One has to accept your assumption of Jesus not being the Son of God first which is loaded into the question.
On this assumed premise the question of the justification of the crucifixion is based and asked. I believe we are all children of God. Therefore Jesus is the Son of God. This makes Jesus my brother as you are. Peace bro.
Jegory says2013-07-05T15:33:58.873
I agree! I do believe Jesus really was the Son of God, but I'm just curious to see what people think of he wasn't what he says he was.
Jegory says2013-07-05T21:45:20.663
Of *if
gordonjames says2013-07-06T18:10:04.437
I'm curious.
Why would "who Jesus is" make any difference to his execution as a criminal? I don't believe "who his father is" has any bearing on the laws or Rome or Jerusalem. In fact, the question would be like asking who were the parents of John Dillinger, Al Capone, The Unabomber, John Gotti. Bonnie and Clyde. . . .

On to the question(s) .

Did Jesus commit a capitol crime under Roman law? - NO!
Did Jesus commit a capitol crime under Jewish law? - Possibly!

Did the Jewish ruling council follow proper procedure according to Jewish law?
Absolutely not.

Check this out - http://www.Netbiblestudy.Com/00_cartimages/illegaltrialofjesus.Pdf
gordonjames says2013-07-06T18:13:38.777