• It depends on the game

    If your life was a video game then what video game would it be like because not everyone likes the same games how would everyone be happy and still be in the same video game. Me personally I would be happy in most games that are the latest of the gaming community.

  • It depends on a lot...

    If u wanna get killed...Than yeah! Totally! Like of course, why not!?
    If you already have a successful, nice life, than probably not........

    But it also depends on what game! GTA, hell yeah! Checkers, not so much...Honestly it pretty depends on the game! Like seriously! Who would want to be a human bishop in chess!?

  • It's okay to take risks in games.

    Imagine the freedom to live your life with no responsibilities. You could take all the risks in the game that you are too afraid to make in real life. Being able to explore the different paths you can take in life would be very interesting. It would be the most rewarding game possible, having your actions actually pay off. Mistakes would catch up to you and you'd have to be strategic to get away with the stuff you can do in most other sandbox games. While I would get this for the choices and opportunities the game offers I know for a fact that It would end up being a violent experience for most. Most people play games knowing that their actions won't actually affect them and they rampage without calculating the risks. This game wouldn't allow the player to do that. You'd have to meet your needs every day and live a healthy lifestyle if you didn't want your character to die quickly. It would be the perfect game and would allow you the chance to live the way you want... This would allow you to discover new things, explore new places and have absolute freedom. It would be open-world, first person, have vehicles, a currency, a health system and interactions.
    This game would be not just a game but an experience.

  • Um... I guess?

    Well, if it was virtual, of course. You could make as many risks as you'd like and take different paths in different life's. You could make more risks because if you die you just restart the game. It be awesome to try out different lifestyles and see the world from another perspective.

  • Virtually, yes it would be fun.

    No matter what, in the game of life we always lose. Death is inevitable and no matter how good we do it ends in eternal rest (not trying to turn this into a religious debate). Virtually a game of life would be fun because people would take more risks than they would in reality. Take more chances and enjoy themselves more knowing it's just a game and losing in it wouldn't mean they lost the game in reality.

  • NO it wouldn't be fun!!!!!!

    If life was a game would if you were in a killing game. WOULD THAT BE FUN. That killing game you might not be able to come back alive. I care about my life!!!!! Yah I know that you guy's are going to say! But what if it didn't have killing. You would say it would be fine. Me NO a lot of games you don't eat anything how would you live!?!?!? Ok I like your guy's opinions there pretty good but STILL!! You wouldn't have a family. Who doesn't like there family.

  • Life is but a series of games as is.

    And they are not fun. When you lose you die, or worse, you live in abject poverty struggling to maintain your sanity against other players who are winning and shaming you for the fact that you are losing to begin with. It's somewhat a strange thing this game is; from laws to money to ethics it's all just made up.

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