• Permanent relationships are better for children

    Research has shown that a relationship break ups (be it in a married or non married relationship) does damage to the children of that relationship. Children of broken homes are more likely to be depressed, anxious, use drugs and have relationship break ups themselves. So while marriage is not a 'guarantee' it at least sets an expectation. Further the break up rates for non married couples is far higher than that for married couple.

  • If marriage did not exist, would you invent it?

    Our society needs marriage. We need to learn what commitment is and be able to stick to something. We have a divorce rate over 50 percent and we need to do some thing to fix that. It is hard to believe that people won't stay committed to something but we need to reorganize our priorities.

  • An instrument of possession and subjugation - whatever the gender or orientation...

    Marriage exists to enable one person to gain possession and control of another; historically in the developed world and currently in less developed areas and ideologies it operates in terms of lineage, wealth, status and possessions. Currently in the developed world, it is more of a tool to impose emotional bondage upon another - a tool of psychological control. Would you invent a form of slavery if it didn't exist? Even a self imposed kind?

    Posted by: DHD
  • It is limiting.

    Without marriage, people would use common sense to figure out their circumstances. It would be easier for people to move on in couple relationships, if needed, because there is no doctrine holding those people together. Marriage shouldn't exist, but relationships must, and will always exist. That is why we can't have marriage. Besides, a relationship of love is based on just that...LOVE. Why try to define the right kind of love relationship, when people are happier defining their love relationships for themselves. To each his own.
    Love is love, and we are all connected in some way to each other. So regardless of age, sex, religion, or polygamy...We need to realize that we were all the same underneath these appearances. We all have a body, spirit, and mind. That is why it is okay to love, regardless of who it is in the relationship.

  • I would not invent it, but someone would

    Marriage is about control, just like religion. When you lump human beings together, there's not only less administrative work to deal with, as any controlling Govt. Is wont to do, but it's easier to subconsciously brainwash them as they will feed off each other and convince one another of an ideology du jour. Much more manageable. Marriage is not beneficial other than to split up assets when it inevitably fails. It does NOT demonstrate commitment or love inherently, it only provides limited convenience, mostly coming in the form of avoiding societal judgments from dinosaurs who are on their way out. Marriage should NOT be a legal institution, it's offensive that we the people ever thought that it should be. It shows how gullible and malleable human minds are. Pathetic.

  • No, not in today's world.

    Marriage is not a necessity in relationships and really, is little more than a symbol. These days, that symbol is broken more and more and marriages are not as long lasting as they once more. The point of marriage seems to have been forgotten or at least, is treated as less than it once was so if marriage had never existed, there would be no point in creating something that would almost be doomed to fail.

  • Not really no

    I think a relationship between two or more people is a personal thing only to be defined between them. I don't think anyone else can define that for them. If there was no label such as marriage that was slapped onto committed relationships and families, I would not see a need to invent one. I'd leave the defining of what they have to each other. It's how it should be anyway. So no if marriage as we knew it didn't exist, I wouldn't invent it, I'd let the people create their own relationships and labels for what they had.

  • Probably not.

    If marriage did not exist, I'm fairly certain someone would invent it (after all, at some point it didn't exist and someone did invent it) but that someone wouldn't be me. I think that, while many people like to bond together in couples, there are plenty of others who don't. So, the whole traditional idea of marriage as being monogamous, heterosexual, and such is too restrictive.

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