If members are unable to reform it, should a new world body be created to replace the UN?

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  • A democratic UN

    We should have a league of democracies and two houses, one will get 1 representative per country, 1 will be based on population. No non-democracies (that means you Russia don't think we are falling for the facade) should be allowed to join and the league would have the authority to guarantee members stay democracies through invasion. Member nations hoping to preserve democracy could see this as a sort of insurance policy.

  • It Should be Called USW

    The best name of it would be the United States of the World. It would bring the world together under the great principles that the United Stated of America stands for. Any "states" in the world that did not agree would be targeted for immediate attack! This would unite the world most surely!

  • Obviously... If it needs reform, and you cannot reform it...

    Whether or not the UN needs reform is up for debate. I myself believe it does, but not know enough to act rightly on those believes.

    If it does, but no one seems to be successful at it, then it MUST be replaced. An all-powerful world organization that comprises of most nations and plays with the delicate workings of each one, must not be a lot to exist if done wrong.

  • If members are unable to reform it, should a new world body be created to replace the UN?

    The UN is considered an incompetent failure that is unable to resolved conflicts that organization continues to be dominated by the five permanent members of the Security Council. It is perfectly clear that the nations with veto powers and are permanent members of the Security Council which undemocratically wheels the real power over the General Assemble which represents all member states are unwilling to accept reforms that would end their special powers or share them with other states. While the five powers with veto powers resist reforms and keep the organization and the rest of its members powerless and impotent while facing rising world tension and conflicts with the potential to cause serious destruction to humanity, the world looks on in uncertainty. It is responsible and dignified that the response of the members of the General Assemble if they are unable to achieve the reforms that are urgently needed to make the UN a truly democratic, efficient and successful organization, should be to create a new world body to replace the UN. The task and responsibilities of that institution are too important and urgent to await its reforms any longer.

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Disquisition says2013-09-21T07:36:22.263
Replace the United Nothing, sure why not