If men can rape because of hormones can girls kill people because they have their period?

Asked by: ScotiePhantom
  • What odd timing to ask.

    It's funny to see this question the day after my psychology teacher told us about how in some extreme (and I do emphasize extreme here, this is very rare) cases of PMS, women have apparently murdered due to the combination of the hormonal imbalance, and stress (if not other factors that are unknown to my professor).

    Also, it should be noted that girls are equally capable of raping men. You just tend to hear about it a lot less, because men are more sexually provocative, and are much stronger, so it is much easier for them to either rape, or prevent themselves from being raped.

  • Absolutely true omg

    That is the most accurate opinion ever. Men rape women so much because they have desires. Women should be able to kill people in their periods. Accurate thing. Men nowadays think that acting on their carnal desires is no sin. And think of rape as a mere sexual intercourse. .

  • Sexual stereotypes anyone?

    Men, regardless of hormones or lack there of should have control over their urges as should women. Just because we have periods doesn't mean we are uncontrollable. Nobody should kill and no one should rape . Hormones and periods are just pathetic excuses for people searching for easy and pathetic answers

  • Seriously this has to be a bad joke

    Men cannot rape because of their hormones, so why on earth would you think that women can kill because they are on their period. I get the hormone link, but this is down right absurd. I am honestly hoping this is a joke question, or is there some relevant news article that I am unaware of that you have brought this up.

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xatoo says2013-10-30T04:29:36.160
Maybe it's just late and I'm a little confused. But it's not OK for men to rape because of their hormones, it's also far from OK that woman kill due to their menstration. Assuming you aren't meaning that in your question though just to be sure. A man with certain predatory psychopathic tendencies may have an inability (or lack of willingness) to control their hormonal urges then commit rape. Clearly we're talking about a very small subset of mentally disturbed people, and not most men. I can't say I've ever heard of a girl kill someone because they've had their period.
Skikx says2013-10-30T17:19:42.767
Maybe it is just me, but I am not sure what exactly the author of the question intended to ask.
If you ask if men can (as in "are able") to rape because of hormones and women can kill because of of their period that implies that they are unable do so without. But if they can do so without, this question is redundant. Now, I'm pretty sure women can kill regardless of them having their period. I am not sure if a man could rape, or do anything at all, if he had absolutely no hormones in his body. You would have to ask a biologist or a doctor for that. Same if you're asking about specific hormones.
If this question is about, if it is okay for a man to rape because of his hormones or a women to kill because of her having her period, then I'd definitely say it is not. Murder or rape are never okay (well, you could probably create a theoretic scenario where it would be, but in reality it isn't). Even if you say, that a unlucky combination of hormones causes a man to rape somebody or a women to kill, what they usually wouldn't do, it is still not okay. These individuals may couldn't be held accountable , but that does not mean that the act itself becomes acceptable. And the individuals would have to be put under observation to prevent further harm to the public.
ScientificBeack says2013-10-31T02:38:11.403
1. Men can't use hormones as an excuse for raping.

2. Men who rape need to be held accountable.

2. End of this discussion.
ScotiePhantom says2013-11-02T02:46:24.780
Guys my friend posted this as a joke how do I delete it?