If men could get abortions, would abortion be illegal?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • This question suggests a very biased take on the issue. The unborn fetus is as much the man's as it is the woman's.

    Men share even more of a time commitment compared to women, 9 months versus 18 years, in which case the female forces her choice upon the male. Men do not even have the status of the vote when it comes to reproductive rights. They are forced by the woman's decision under law as slaves to accommodate.

  • No "Woman's Rights" Argument

    If both sexes could get abortions abortion would be illegal. The societal push from feminism to legalize abortion would've never happened because abortion would not be a woman's issue. It would be recognized as murder regardless of which sex is having the abortion. Any pro-choice movement would be crippled by its inability to appeal to feminism in order for abortion to be legalized.

  • it would be more then just legal....

    If men could get abortions, not only would they be legal, but you could have an abortion on any street corner in America, every two blocks anywhere in manhattan, and have roughly 5 chances to get one when youre waiting for your flight at an airport... People could go get an abortion much like they would fo get starbucks coffee, and sooner or later a 'do-it-yourself' kit would be made so that you can get one right in the comfort of your own home.

  • No no no

    How is it even possible for man to get an abortion, what are you going to do, cut his testicles off? It might be a little bit late after he has already done his job. This is a silly topic, everybodys answer should be obviously NO, because it is common sense that men can not get an abortion.

  • Viagra is covered in health care... Birth control isn't

    Men can never understand, and it's not because they're evil or sexist, but it's because they have a different biological makeup. Men don't have to worry about having children, and they have no idea what it's like to be tied to a 28 day hormonal schedule. But men tend to have serious pride when it comes to their penis, and their sexuality. If they had to sacrifice any part of their sexuality in order to be "moral" (not everyone believes that getting an abortion is immoral) then abortion clinics be on every street corner, and convered by healthcare

  • If men could get an abortion, it would be no more legal than it is today.

    Men having the option to get an abortion would not change the way they feel about abortions today. Men or women, it makes no difference. Whether one is for or against abortion does not weigh on the sex. It is the feelings of one's personal beliefs and attitudes toward the subject.

  • If men could get abortions, it would not be illegal.

    The right to have an abortion would be the same for a man and a woman. It is not illegal now, and it would not be illegal then. An abortion is and should be a personal decision. Where as I don't agree with it, it is not my place to judge. Another thing, I would love to have the money a man would get if he DID get pregnant!

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How is this even on the front page? Setting it up for a certain answer is not really a thing to do.