If men could get pregnant by other men, do you think homosexuality would be a sin still?(for people who believe in God)

Asked by: InsaneDiligent
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  • Homosexuality will still be viewed as a sin.

    I know you said if but i have to point out the logic out for you to see.
    It's impossible for men to be impregnated by other men and actually men can't stand pregnancy or periods. I mean females have a difficult time and painful thing to bear both periods and pregnancy, what makes you think that men can stand it? There is a reason why both men and women are created from the time Adam came to his earth. If it's true that men can impregnate other men, We (women) are basically useless. Why do you think people with both female and male genitalia are considered rare? There is too much illogical inconsistencies in your question.

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