If men/fathers have no "choice" in their children's birth then should we have a choice with paying child support?

Asked by: elvislives
  • Considering the sexism

    All a women has to do is play a sad story and everyone looks at the man like he is god damn hitler, as long as sexism against men exist in the justice system it should definitely be a choice for the guy, men may be more dangerous physically but women are more dangerous with their manipulation and emotional sabotage.

  • Right to choose

    What ever we decide let's be consistent either it's murder or its not. I have no problem with this as long as we are consistent. If we are going the route of choice then bottom line parenthood shouldn't be forced upon anyone because we all should have the right to choose.

  • Women will stop having babies for $$$$.

    Child support is SLAVERY. I pay $1,200 a month for one child and all daycare, medical and dental. No way in hell does one child cost $1,200 a month. Doesn't she have to pay half. I am forced to work a difficult and demanding job I despise with toxic co workers.

    It's Slavery! It's like I live in communist Russia. I have major medical problems and I need major surgery. I have been putting it off for years because how will I pay the $1,200 a month with all the medical if I am out of commission for 6 months recovering from major orthopedic surgery? My ex hasn't worked in over a year. If I did that I would be put in jail for a felony and my credit would be destroyed and I would have an interest accruing astronomical child support debt that is impossible to discharge.

    I can't even afford a house even though I make $60,000 a year. I have to live in a crappy apartment. My ex tricked me and said she was on birth control pills. I wish she had an abortion. If women were treated like fathers and only allowed to see the kid 4 days a month and were forced to pay astronomical child support they would abort the damn baby.

    I asked my sister, would you have a baby that you would only be allowed to see every other weekend and have to pay $1,200 a month child support for or go to jail? She laughed and said hell no I would abort the damn thing.

    Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. Babies shouldn't be born unless both parents want the baby. If the woman knows the father doesn't want it then she should pay for it herself. Women in the United States have over 1 MILLION abortions a year (thank you ladies for not burdening yourselves or the fetuses father with an unwanted burdensome dream killing baby) if women can opt out of unwanted pregnancies men should be allowed to sign off (have a paper abortion).

  • It's un american

    Women fraught tooth and nail for the idea of equality,and just proved that control is not a gender thing it's a human thing!!,look,at the end of the day a fair person can only seethis one way,however someone trying to control will see it in another light and use inflammatory language like forcing abortion and controlling a woman and things as sich.But let's make onething very clear ,here in America your money and or assets are life itself!!,,it is possible to be alive and not have a life worth living based of ur financial standing!!So life and money is on the same level so stop ladies!,you know it's about choice!,and control period!

  • Yes A man should have a çhoise

    I pay child support I have only seen the 16 year old once in his life and I have not seen the 21 year old since 1998. The last time I tried to pick up the boys I in 2000 she flipped open her blinds and said I better get out of there she was calling the cops she just wanted me to pay and go away. Her free ride is almost over

  • Yes they should!

    It's in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Row vs Wade established that a woman's right to choose as a fundamental right. Women also have the choice of adoption and safe havens.

    Once a woman becomes pregnant however, a man has no choice. Women make an autonomous and independant decision about their life and then make the guy pay for it. This often proves to be financially devastating for men leading them to poverty and jail time.

    It's time to remove the asterisk behind "my body, my choice" stating "but if I choose to have it pal, you gotta pay". Your body. Your choice. Your responsibility.

  • It takes two

    It takes a man and woman to choose to have unprotected sex and is of now only one of the party has the option to choose the consequences. If the woman doesn't want a child she can abort. If a man doesn't it doesn't matter. I think a man should be able to request an abortion and if the woman wants to keep the baby the man is not responsible financially.

  • Both women and men should have the right to opt-out of parenthood

    Women have the right to abort their child and opt-out of being a parent if they wish too, I support this right because some women do not wish too have a child or cannot support the child. The man has no say in the abortion - which I agree with as it is not his body - but if the women chooses not to opt-out of being a parent the man HAS to pay child support by law or be punished. The man has no choice or say in the matter of the child or his money. I believe in equality, and because of this I know that both men and women should have a choice in the matter of taking care of a child. In other words both men and women should have equal rights and this means that both parties should be able to opt-out

    I have seen many arguments about the mans choice during sex, condoms or not having sex, and all I can say about this is what if this argument was used against the choice of abortion. If it were to be used, and it was argued in the past but failed, and supported like it is against the mans right to choose, then women would be forced to have their child because they chose to have a child when they had sex.

  • Forced labor is slavery

    Child support is indentured servitude. You can make any argument for the kids that you like, but they are all skirting the truth. Men lose the freedom to choose the level and type of employment they desire because they are forced to make payments to the state, that then pays the mother. Being forced to work for another person is slavery. A man who does not support his children of his own free will is of very low character, but he does not forfeit his rights. Women who don't want men of low character as the fathers of their children should think very long and hard about who they allow to stick their member in them.

  • Seems like a double-standard otherwise

    Logically, responsibility comes about as a result of a choice to take on that responsibility. With the birth control that is available in the 21st century, the risk of impregnating your sexual partner accidentally is negligible, assuming the birth control is used correctly. Thus, the choice to have sex is totally separate from the choice to impregnate your partner, or the choice to have a child. Thus, if birth control were to fail, then no 'guilt' for this occurrence could be put on the male involved, which would be essentially holding him fully responsible for essentially an unpreventable mechanical failure. The only way to absolutely, 100% ensure that you don't get your partner pregnant is to either never have sex, or to have both your testicles removed. Both are ridiculous extremes to go to 'just to be sure', and I'm sure no'one could reasonably expect someone to actually go to that extreme. Thus, if birth control is correctly used, then no 'choice' was ever made that could have reasonably been expected to result in pregnancy. Likewise, if no choice was made, then no 'responsibility' can reasonably be applied to either the man or woman. Thus, if the man never made the choice to create a child, and if we assume that he never gets a choice whether or not the child is born either, then refusing to allow him the choice to retain the lack of responsibility that was previously assumed is completely unfair. He is essentially being punished for a choice that someone else made for him, and placed into what could be construed as 'wage slavery'(I think that's the correct term) for at minimum 18 years of *his* life.

  • Not even a little bit.

    The matters of choice in abortion versus child support are not related. To give a man "equal" say in abortion would essentially mean that if the man and woman disagreed you would be forcing a woman to be an incubator against her will at the whim of a man who may not even help raise the resultant child (committed men are rarely present in a woman considering abortion). The other option- forcing a woman to have an invasive medical procedure like abortion against her will- is equally vile.

    Man up, fellas. While it takes two people to get pregnant, avoiding it is as simple as you using a condom properly every time. Take responsibility for your actions- the woman who is raising your child certainly is, and bearing the brunt of the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of doing so.

  • No men should be responsible for paying child support

    Men should have to pay child support there should be no choice. If the man wants to have a choice choose to not have sex if you don't want to pay child support. After that it is out of your hands because the female has to carry the child to term.

  • The whole child support system is flawed

    Well-intended men who would like to pay child support but can't because of the economy wind up going to prison. And it creates bitter feelings between people who might otherwise have had warm and friendly relations maybe even culminating in marriage. Furthermore, say the woman is already rich what does she need child support for? It isn't fair that she can't afford a bigger video game console for her child?
    In the meantime if the father stays with the child and the family is poor the child gets no benefits unless it's through welfare which is what I'm proposing.
    Simply extend the welfare system. If a family no matter how many parents are taking care of a child can't afford adequate care get them some help, get them some support.

    And to placate arguments that this will keep families on the dole require career suitability evaluation of any parents and then the government will create a public works job for them so they can earn the money honestly. We should be using public works to solve the unemployment/underemployment problems rather than just leave everyone unemployed. That way instead of making the father pay child support we could help the mother get a suitable better paying job. This could include paying their way through college if that's a suitable route to take.

  • Pro choice equality

    Everyone should get a choice, not just women. She gets to walk away by choice cut he doesnt, doesn't make much sense. Equality have to be for everyone. It's her body so if she chooses to keep without consent or a marriage certificate, she's on her own, can't trap a man

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