If Mitt Romney had won the election would we have avoided the fiscal cliff?

  • Another order of magnitude

    Frequently in engineering we deal with scaling up. Romney has years of experience leading the business sector. This country is just another scale up from running a firm. Although I believe that the fiscal cliff was unavoidable we would have at least gotten out of it quicker under Romney's leadership. With the GOP congress and senate come 2015>>> unified government >> LAWS THAT ACTUALLY GET PASSED

  • Mitt Romney is a businessman.

    Barack Obama is a clueless bastard, an extreme socialist, and an unlikely compromiser. The reason that American citizens are facing tax hikes and unemployment is because of his fundamentally flawed policies. Mitt Romney was a businessman and a thinker. He had 25 years of experience at Bain Capital and served as one of the most successful governors I think I have ever seen. Mitt Romney was an economist, not a thick-headed control freak like Barack Obama. Mitt Romney was a problem-solver, not an instigator like Barack Obama. Mitt Romney could not only have helped us to avoid the fiscal cliff; he could have promised the economic growth that Obama had promised 4 years ago and has completely sandbagged all throughout his presidency. I am so sick of fiscal liberalism.

  • Yes

    The fact is, all of these deadline crises are manufactured media stories. The politicians are the ones in control of the situations and have the capability to resolve it. No one wants to be seen holding the bag when the crap hits the fan. This would have happened under any president.

  • Mitt Romney could not have changed anything

    Given the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff was forged by senators and not the President, I do not believe that Mitt Romney would have made any real difference in avoiding the fiscal cliff. Perhaps slightly different deals might have been struck and some of the partisan scuffles might have been avoided, but overall it would not have changed much. In the end, it came down to what the Senators were willing to do in order to avoid catastrophe.

  • No, we have been heading down this road for awhile

    The truth is we have been heading down this road for awhile. The difference would of been how it was handled, we might of been dealing with less of a partisan political game if we had not been dealing with a democrat at the helm. We might not of waited until the last second.

  • No, We would still deal with it

    If Mitt Romney had won the presidential election we would still have to deal with the fiscal cliff at the end of 2012. The fiscal cliff is unavoidable and would have to be dealt with no matter who the President of the United States is. The way the country handled it would be different, but that is it.

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