If more people had helped and fought back against the Nazis, could the Holocaust have been prevented?

Asked by: alicemary_20
  • If it had been enough.

    Since this question allows us to imagine any given number of people fighting against the Nazis at any given time before the start of the holocaust, one simply has to answer yes. Just imagine the entire civil population of Germany fighting against the Nazis, there would have been no way for Hitler and his troops to stay in control.
    Or imagine 80% of the population would have been against them from the start and would have never voted for Hitler and the NSDAP, nor supported them in any other way. Then they never would have gained control over the state in the first place.
    The fact is, every leader is nothing without his followers, so if we assume that Hitler and the other leading figures of the Nazis had no followers, they would have had no power. And thus there would have been no Holocaust

  • I think so

    I suppose the Holocaust could have been prevented because not many people did anything to stop it. Lots of people knew it was wrong and that it was a horrifying crime against humanity but most people just sat back and did nothing. Everyone just went along with it and I don't think that everyone did all they could to stop it.

  • Yes It was preventable.

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  • It would be more to outnumber the nazis

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  • It would be more to outnumber the nazis

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  • I think that the jewish people could have overrun

    So, there are about 20 nazis in the camps. There are thousands of jews in the camps. I think that is the jewish etc. would have tried to overrun, they could have gotten the camps in control. This is my statement and what i think could have happened. If they would have just had 1 person step up and say" hey, we can overrun these camps. We just have to be very brave" but sadly, no one did, so lots of people died

  • Just yes whynot

    Yes the holocaust could have been prevented people had to fight back are you afraid. They killed people that didn't do anything> The German people should have done something. It was a very serious thing and the concentration camps don't get me started on that I feel like that is just a sad time for the Jews. They forgot about them.

    Posted by: wats
  • Yes, it could have been avoided

    Less group cohesion, more in fighting and drama for the Nazis to deal with. The Nazis were concerned with world order and dominance and control. Had everyone joined together to fight them off from the start they would have never even rose to power. The whole Holocaust would have been avoided. It kind of angers me that those people just walked into the ovens. It angers me even more that when forced to walk into them, they did. If someone was making me do that, I would have started bickering and would not have obeyed. Not acceptable. Humans do not deserve to be treated like that. Just not right. I praise my former professors for spending their early careers eliminating Nazism and working with the US to remove these parasites.

    Posted by: bk1
  • I doubt it

    People who have helped hide targeted minorities were sent to concentration camps as well. Everyone who spoke out against the Nazis were beheaded or hanged since free speech was outlawed and they were pretty much forgotten. That's what happened to the Scholl siblings. The University celebrated their death and left it at that until after WW2. Also, the Nazis was very popular so you were pretty much singled out if you opposed the Nazis.

    I think the only way to have prevented the Holocaust was to assassinate Hitler and his higher-ups; that's it.

  • Highly unlikely indeed.

    You'd have found a surprising amount of people bought into what was known as 'die Endlösung der Judenfrage', or 'The final solution of the Jewish question'. It's a massively difficult thing to get your head around how ordinary people (the German people) can buy into such an attrocity, but you'll find that in all incidents of genocidal activity that every time it is preceded by language being used again and again and again to dehumanize the person or people that needed to be killed in the political eyes of their enemies. As early as the 30's language was being used to dehumanise the Jews. On every publication, every radio station they were referred to only as rats or vermin, affenmensch (ape-man) and üntermensch (subhuman) or bacillus or a virus or, basically, anything but a human being. Now if you start to refer to someone like that, (especially not-well liked people anyway) day after day, week after week, you're constantly being fed the idea that they're not actually human, then it seems acceptable to start to do to those people things that are inhuman or inhumane and so on and so forth. Language not only guarantees freedom through the exchange of ideas and views and so on, but you can also direct people and enslave them to idea by managing the ideas they get and how they get them, which is what the Nazi's essentially did to the German People. They played on the general dislike of the Jews and used language to enhance that to hatred enough that the Holocaust seemed necessary to them.

  • I highly doubt it.

    The level of antisemitism related to the mass murder of Jewish people dates back to before 1900. That in combination with all the good that Hitler did with Germany's economy leads me to conclude that it is unpreventable. More to the point, the sheer attempt at getting enough people to do so would be near-impossible. Antisemitism was too ingrained in Germany, and Hitler was too popular.

  • I cant honestly say yes

    It is possible that enough people could have rose up, but they would have to topple the Reich to stop the holocaust. Im under the impression that this wasn't a widely known event until after, and so its not like people would try stopping it. If we look at 'current' events, there are other instances post WW2 of genocides that were basically ignored until after eg Rowanda and Bosnia. There was deep rooted hate of the group that feed the killing.

  • The Lesson the world had to learn.

    It is because of the horrendous history of the Nazi experience that we are taught to decode persuasive media. To be taught and how to respond to Hegemony. The German people indeed all lower class that had be taught to read were not taught to engage with the written word with criticism.
    German dissidents were routinely imprisoned and executed for speaking out against the Third Reich.
    There was a least one resistance group called the White Rose who actively sought to educate the public about the hegemony of the Third Reich.
    The German people never voted for 'The Final Solution' that was developed behind closed doors. They were consistently exposed to dehumanizing language that was applied to not only to the Jew but also the disabled with devastating euthanasia programs a test run for the camps, Any non German especially Albanian. These are reasons we are taught to be critically engaged. To recognize and intervene when extremists views are gaining too much power. There are many similarities to the turbulent times Germany of the 20s - 30s and current times. Think critically people and really examine what is going on.

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  • That's why it was called a world war!

    Almost every country played a part in wwII so you can't really say had more people helped because there was not anymore people to help! Not to mention no one knew about the holocaust during or before wwII so the only way it could have been prevented is if Hitler had been killed earlier or the camps been found earlier.

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