If nobody is perfect then how imperfect do you have to be to be deserving of hatred. If your flawed also you shouldnt judge

Asked by: steffon66
  • I dont get how imperfect people can ridicule others for not being perfect

    Have any of you christians ever thought that maybe the difference between you and someone you hate for their flaws is just as big of a difference between you and someone less flawed than you are. If you gripe at others for their imperfections then you deserve the same treatment as you have flaws also.

  • How can you hate?

    It's important to understand that everybody has their reasons, even the mentally unstable. Their reasons may not be what you would consider to be good reasons, but even the logic of killing to see what it feels like is a reason, and there should be punishment, but only enough to reinforce good reasoning.

  • No one is deserving of hatred, and it's not our place to judge.

    We're all flawed, and the Bible states that the measure we use to judge others will be applied to us. Scripture warns us not to judge. That doesn't mean that we don't recognize and condemn sin, but it means that we should never condemn the person, much less hate them.

  • "If you're flawed you shouldn't judge"

    This is pretty much ludicrous to suggest. If someone rapes and murders six women, I should have the right to judge that he's crazy. Just because I'm not perfect doesn't mean that I can't judge those who are evil. There's a huge difference between attacking one petty flaw and judging gaping hole in someone's character.

  • It is humble to realize your errors and ignorant to not want to be be judged,

    This is a piece of blaphemous, idiotic trash. I can say that because I could understand why the person said this and then see why it isn't right. Being human means we have reason. Our greatest tool is taking our flaws and understanding that other people have them too mayb we have more strength so that we can overcome them but others don't this is helping. Seeing a lack of something and giving it , we know it's lacking because we have it.

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